Battery Bracket Upgrade

All Land Cruiser 80 series battery boxes tear with the factory hooks. 

When this happens the mount comes loose and can contact both terminals which causes sparks and creates a fire hazard. 

Who knows what Toyota was thinking when they designed the factory battery bracket for the Land Cruiser 80 series. 

It is the only Toyota vehicle manufactured using this unsafe design.  

This bracket set up has been field-tested for 6 years with zero issues. 

Note the burn marks on both of the battery hold downs.

(shown above - with the anti-stress fusible link)

The PVC coated bracket is designed to accommodate an overflow bottle. 

Kit Information

PVC coated bracket

All needed hardware for a complete install 

#6 AWG wire for anti-stress connection

Works with all batteries up to group 31

Fits well with the overflow bottle

*Template for new hole locations is at the bottom of the page.  

Be sure to download it to your device (do not print it from your browser window) prior to printing for accurate placement.

In Stock

$38 single battery kit 


 (in the contiguous United States)

$66 dual battery kit 

(includes only 1 anti-stress fusible link)