My First Air Compressor Kit

If you are new to wheeling and never aired down you have no idea the game changer it is off road. Excellent traction, increases tire durability, much smoother ride, and easier on the vehicle. The kit is designed for the new wheeler that air down 10-12 times a year. Included is everything you need for airing up and down quickly and efficiently.

My First Air Compressor Kit Components

Tsunami Master Flow MF-105
The best valve air compressor in its price range.  

Milton Illuminated Digital Air Gauge
Very nice when airing up in the dark after a day on the trail.

Rapid Tire Deflator
This 2-in-1 professional grade heavy duty tire gauge and rapid deflator.  Deflate your tire to a desired PSI.  

NoLoss Valve Caps for TPMS and non-TPMS systems
No worries ever again loosing your caps or filling with dirt/sand and failing.  Be sure to specify the type when ordering!

Slime Deluxe Tire Plug Kit 
Most flats can be temporarily fix with a plug and get you home safely.

Everything in the kit fits in the compressor bag keeping everything in one convenient place.

$170 per kit 
w/METAL No Loss caps

$170 per kit
w/NYLON No Loss valve caps (TPMS)

 (in the contiguous United States)

Tsunami Master Flow Specifications
Master Flow MF-1050 keeps your tires properly inflated and is sturdy and multi-functional.  Master Flow air compressors have correctly sized direct drive motors, and a properly sized motor allows more efficient air flow and results in faster inflation time. Includes air compressor, carrying bag, air filter and needle adapters, with a 16 ft hose, and a 10 ft cord for convenient maneuverability. Features a maximum PSI of 150, and a run time of 20 minutes.

  • CONVENIENCE: The Master Flow MF-1050 This 12 volt air compressor powers directly from your vehicle's battery with a 10 foot heavy duty power cord and alligator clips. Included is a 16 foot self-coiling air hose with quick connect type M automotive air fitting and easy twist brass inflator. This portable 12 volt air compressor includes accessories neatly pack into a durable nylon carry bag. This 12 volt air compressor fits under or behind most pick up truck seats so you can easily take it everywhere you go!
  • MULTIPLE USES: The Master Flow MF-1050 portable air compressor is not only essential for topping off your car's tires, but is also great for filling up the tires of bicycles, soccer balls, or inflatable water tubes for your beach activities. Two adapter nozzles, a ball inflation needle, an extra fuse,
  • EASY TO USE: Simply attach to your battery with alligator clips, attach to tire with 16 foot air hose, flip switch and inflate a full size truck tire 25-35 PSI in less than 2 minutes
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA: This is the perfect gift for the off-roader in your life that needs to air up and down quickly