Orphan Quilt Project

Action packs are given to our brothers and sisters who are being persecuted for their faith in other countries. For information on sending an action pack which includes a blanket or quilt see the Voice of the Martyrs . This is a tangible way to show your solidarity and encourage those who are suffering.

For those who are focused on blankets and quilts only, there is another organization which is in need of blankets to support the population of Navajo Indians in the New Mexico desert. When I look around the state of Wisconsin, I see some pretty awesome Indian Tribes who have worked and are working very hard to better the lives of their members. I am impressed with the quality of education and dedication they have taken to supporting their communities and their citizens. Yet as with all nations, we have great need in different areas. The Navajo Indians - Thoreau, NM are a proud people who live under extreme weather conditions. They struggle to provide and are spread across an arid mountains location. We can help them with gifts for their thrift shop which they also give away to those in need. See their website on where and how to send items. They will be my new project to support with the Orphan Quilts - St Bonaventure Indian Mission GOD uses us in various ways to further his kingdom. Even when you are far away, GOD never forgets about you. Please be a blessing to others with your bountiful harvest of quilts.

For those of you who have never made an orphan quilt, it is a very freeing enterprise. You allow the random blocks you may own or acquire from others to tell you how to put them together. Orphan quilts are unique and filled with love and hope. The spirit of the quilt comes through to guide you in the pursuit. You can also take the top which you never finished as you had no one in mind to give it to and finish it for our spiritual family here in the desert.

Here are my first orphan quilts which were sent overseas to Voice of the Martyrs. They now do action packs or you can send your quilts to St. Bonaventure Indian Mission. I encourage all quilters to try and make an orphan quilt. Just like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys, we are all made for a reason only God knows. This is one way to serve.

This quilt is made from Sun Bonnet Sue blocks given away at our quilt guild meeting. The corner stars were just random and not on fabric. I made the 9 patch pieces design to pull it together and then framed in the pieces to give it unity.

This is the finished quilt from the orphan quilt tutorial. Notice how some of the blocks have changed.

This orphan quilt is made from various blocks I have made for other quilt designs. I also received the 3 pinwheels in a drawing at our quilt guild. The other blocks I received went into a different quilt and these 3 remained waiting for a home. See how the fabric chosen for the background pulls the different colors together.

This quilt contains a few wall hangings and pillow tops. I framed in the smaller blocks so I could make my rows. The bottom is make as a long row while the sides are put together top to bottom. When you layout your quilt top, if you need a filler, you can practice different blocks you would like to learn to add design to your orphan quilt.

This is a quilt top I have had for over 5 years. I designed the pattern, made the top and never had a person in mind to give it to. So now it will be given to one of our spiritual brothers or sisters. I hope they like cats.

This orphan quilt contains a baby quilt which never found a home. Now it will be given a home in Sudan for those in need.

I had the top for this duck quilt for about 4 years. Now it is finally done and waiting to be sent to Sudan. Warming you, body and soul. Notice how I needed to add a strip on the top and bottom to make it long enough. Just pick out a fabric which matches the colors you already have and you will be good to go.

This quilts is made from Christmas blocks made by the Rio Library Quilt Guild. The blocks were won by a friend who donated them and then another friend donated additional fabric. The quilt came together nicely. This should provide warmth and comfort to our Brothers and Sisters in Chains.

Check out the new quilts sent to Sudan. I didn't have room for all of them so put them into a slide show for your viewing pleasure. I hope you too will try your hand at an orphan quilt and send it the Voice of the Martyrs in an action pack to help our brothers and sisters on the front line or to the St. Bonaventure Indian Mission in New Mexico. The works of your hands can bring such joy to another family.