Quilting Links

Take the pieces cut with care

Throw them together with thread in the air

Combined with love to put in form

All meant to keep you nice and warm

Here are some quilting links to encourage you in your quilting endeavors

Going to Pieces Quilt Company - http://www.goingtopiecesquiltco.com/ Located in Appleton, Wi this store is owned by our dear friend Joanne and her fellow master quilter. These ladies can get you going on any project you desire. Joanne is the one responsible for starting me on my own quilting journey. She abounds in patience with the new quilter speaking so you can understand while switching to the technical terms for those who have gone way beyond the ordinary creating their original works of art. Congratulations ladies on being a feature quilt shop in the Fall/Winter 2016 issue of Quilt Sampler!

Voice of the Martyrs - This organization works to help our persecuted brothers and sisters. They have a program where they will take your blanket or quilt along with other items you provide in an Action Pack and distribute them with a Holy Bible to those in need. Some of the countries receiving the Action Packs are Iraq, Syria and Sudan. Please see their site for more information. http://www.persecution.com/actionpacks

The Ultimate Guide to Quilting - http://www.giftplum.com/quilting-guide.html This site was recommended by a visitor, Thanks for the input, this has so much about quilting, you could take a quilting vacation just finding all the treasures buried inside.

Nancy Zeman (Sewing with Nancy) - http://wpt.org/sewingwithnancy/ When you want to learn something new, this is a great site. If you have never been to the Quilting Expo in Madison, Wi then you have missed one of the best shows in the Midwest. To join in the fun start at this site and you never know where it will take you.

Fabric Patch - http://www.fabricpatch.com/ Located in Ironwood, Mi it is just a short drive from Mercer. Joanne has an amazing assortment of fabric. She teaches classes also and is part of the Northern Lights Quilt guild. Just one of the special quilt stores located in the Northwoods!

Home Advisor - http://www.homeadvisor.com/r/home-hobbies-sewing-resources

This site has information on basic sewing techniques and other links for sewing. I received a recommendation from Bella to add this resource. Thank you Bella! I hope you are having a joyful time teaching others how to sew. When you can sew, you can make yourself clothes, curtains, even a tent. If you make something neat, send me a picture and I will post it on my site for you.

Plum Lake Quilts - this beautiful quilt store is located in Sayner, Wisconsin. Pat is top notch with her long arm quilting. She has a bountiful supply of wools and other unique fabrics. If you are interested in just a place to social and do some sewing, Plum Lake Quilts is hosting open sewing on Wednesdays. Come on over and have some fun with fellow quilters. www.Plumlakequilts.com

Elizabeth's Woolery (13th Colony) - located in Minocqua, Wisconsin. Located right on Hwy 51, the quilt store features wool fabric along with regular quilting fabric. You have an antique/collectibles store attached which all type of American inside. It is fun to roam around and get inspired like our forefathers and mothers did when they came to the new world of America! http://www.the13thcolony.net/elizabeths-woolery

River's Edge Antiques and Quilt Loft - located in Hayward, Wisconsin. http://www.shopriversedge.com/ How about a quilt loft which overflows to the downstairs and bordered by an Antique store? Filled to the brim with beautiful fabric, inspiration in both traditional fabric and in wool fabric. I first made it to the River's Edge Antiques and Quilt Loft when I completed my Row by Row quilt in 2017. What a wonderful adventure it started! You will not be disappointed with any of these quilt stores, they are truly gems in the northwoods of Wisconsin and Michigan!

Quilt Elements - located in Ashland, Wisconsin. Joe has really taken his store and made it his own. Filled with gorgeous colors and kits. Joe specializes in long arm quilting and has a machine set up for you to try out. He carries on his mothers tradition of having quality fabric and patterns. https://www.quiltelements.com/

Quilting Jr - one of the ladies who has this site sent me a message with some great links for kids and hobbies. Check out her site and what she has to offer with tips on working with kids and quilts. Thanks Martha! http://www.quiltingjr.com/

Crafting with your Hands: Needlework Arts - I received this link from a lady who's daughter had been looking on how to quilt. Thank you Alexa for the link. I had been looking on how to make the stack and whack quilts and you have helped me on my search. Keep up the quilting, someday I hope to see your designs!


Stack and Whack Tutorial this was put together from a class someone had taken. Thank you for the directions! I can't wait to try out this method. http://www.bobrow.net/kimberly/Quilts/Tutorial/

More quilting information includes the history and even help for kids on their quilting adventure.


Got a stain which needs to be taken care of? This site contains information on how to clean a multitude of stains. https://www.maids.com/blog/the-ultimate-stain-removal-guide-house-cleaning-tackling-lifes-toughest-stains/ I want to thank Amanda and her girl scout troop for this suggestion. Good luck on earning your badges!

Figuring out the thread content - when you make something which is supposed to be microwaved to heat up, you need to use 100% cotton thread. Polyester will melt and so will your project. So be careful! Here a a few links I found to figure out if the spool of thread you have is 100% cotton Thread FAQS - https://www.superiorthreads.com/education/thread-faq Vintage Thread Chart - https://info.fabrics.net/vintage-thread-chart/ Ultimate Thread guide - https://www.sewingpartsonline.com/blog/ultimate-thread-reference-guide/ Vintage threads and notions - http://www.threadridinghood.com/wordpress/vintage-threads-and-other-notions/