About Us

L and B Trails is no longer in business. We have recently taken a different trail and the owner is now working full time for the Lakeland Times promoting businesses and communities in the Northwoods. Our mission is still to warm people, body and soul. Warmed through the quilts, socks, hand warmers and stroller/toy sacks. Warmed with the laughter of cartoons, warmed with various written words, warmed with helping others through our actions. All working together to promote the love of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Nestled in the Northern Wisconsin countryside, we are inspired by the various critters who come and visit us by day and night. The landscape constantly changing with the different seasons. People coming in and out of our lives with their various gifts. All working together.

Down the many trails we go

Wandering through the forest glen

We find a peaceful spot to rest

Then start our journey again

Once more we climb a mountain

With the steep over hanging cliffs

The tasks seem to pile up

We wonder about the many ifs

We stumble around the fog

Till we hear the voice of our Lord

He gently calls us down the path

Binding us with His safety cord

Finally we reach heaven's gate

With our Father pulling us inside

A celebration welcomes us

From life's long exhausting ride