Katharsis of Ultimate Theory Standards

Precision SUSY Higgs Mass Calculation Initiative

As is well known, the experimental accuracy of the mass measurement of the observed signal is already below the GeV-level, whereas in the  (N)MSSM the theory uncertainty is still at the level of several GeV. Therefore, a dedicated effort for reducing the theory uncertainty to the level of the experimental accuracy would be appropriate.

We therefore plan to start a coordinated initiative in this direction, which is meant to get the people working in this field together to contribute to a highly focused and ongoing working group.


The main idea is to provide a platform where the relevant experts of the field can communicate with each other, exchange ideas and discuss in detail the open questions. We will (for now) concentrate *only* on (N)MSSM Higgs *mass* calculations. We do not want (at least for the moment) to dilute the effort by including other observables etc.

In particular the following issues should be addressed:

  • Identification and listing of existing corrections, and how the are included in public codes.
  • Identification and estimate of remaining uncertainties, taking into account the dependence of the theoretical uncertainty on the considered region of parameter space.
  • Development of tools to make existing results that are complicated and numerically slow accessible for general analyses, i.e. development of "fast" codes.
  • Identification of the most important future improvements.
  • Seek to identify teams who tackle those improvements.

General structure:
  • This will be an ongoing effort.
  • We will try to meet twice a year.
  • The emphasis of the meetings will be on free discussions, rather than on talks.
  • We will have *very informal* and possibly web-based write-ups, so that, e.g., the "identification and listing" is not lost, but kept for further discussion.
  • twice a year
  • meeting structure:
         * one afternoon (arrival in the morning)
         * one full day
         * one morning (departure in the afternoon)
  • ample room for free discussion (Santander style)

Main organizers:
  • Marcela Carena (Fermilab)
  • Howard Haber (St. Cruz)
  • Robert Harlander (Aachen university)
  • Sven Heinemeyer (CSIC, Madrid/Santander)
  • Wolfgang Hollik (MPI Munich)
  • Pietro Slavich (CNRS, Paris)
  • Georg Weiglein (DESY, Hamburg)

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