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Alcor Life Extension Foundation 7895 E. Acoma Dr. Suite 110 Scottsdale AZ 85260 Voice: (480) 905-1906 & (877) 462-5267 (GO-ALCOR) FAX: (480) 922-9027 Email:

Cryonics Institute The Cryonics Institute does its own suspension and caretaking of patients. Cryonics Institute (CI) 24355 Sorrentino Court Clinton Township, MI 48035 Phone/Fax (810) 791-5961 Email:, or

RUSSIA: KrioRus Emergency response cryonics technicial. Contact in St. Petersburg: Eugenij Shumilov, +7 901 301-49-21 (24h) Main office: Moscow (

BALTICS: KrioRus emergency representative in Lijepaja, Latvia. Roman Lyubimov. skype:bormanmartin +371 29533294

INTERNATIONAL: The Cryonics Society is a global cryonics advocacy organization. Phone 58 473-3321

EUROPE: European Cryonics Group Activities include discussion, CI standby team training, videos, and social

events. All visitors, and new and prospective members are welcome! Please contact: Mark: Walker, C.E. Membership Manager at TeI.UK:00353 469242123, Mobile: 00353 872182779.

AUSTRALIA: The Cryonics Association of Australasia offers support for Australians, or residents of other nearby countries planning to make suspension arrangements with any of the major Cryonics organizations, - Their Public Relations Officer is Philip Rhoades. They have an annual meeting alternating between Sydney and Melbourne. GPO Box 3411 NSW 2001 Australia. Phone: +61 2 8001 6204 (office) or +61 2 9922 6979 (home.)

BELGIUM: A new website in Dutch and French is being setup for Belgian cryonicists. Contact David Verbeke at or for further information.

CANADA: This is a very active group that recently participated in Toronto's first cryopreservation. President, Christine Gaspar, Vice President, Gary Tripp. Visit them at: There is a sub-group called the Toronto Local Group. Meeting dates and other conversations are held via the Yahoo group. This is a closed group. To join

DENMARK: A Danish support group is online Contact them at:


GERMANY: There are a number of cryonicists in Germany. Their homepage is: (English version in preparation.) If there are further questions, contact Prof. Klaus Sames [] . Michael Saxer Goethestr. 19 71706 Markgroningen Telefon: 07147 - 27 27 36


IRELAND: Peter Thornbury and his wife are attempting to organize a CI group in Ireland. He may be contacted by mail at: Peter Thornbury, 50 Lough Road, Lurgen, County Armagh, North Ireland. email messages should be sent via the UK group. (See below.)

ITALY: We are looking for contacts in Italy who are interested in forming a Cryonics Support Group. Anyone with knowledge of Italian law would also be very welcome. We are based in Rome and Cassino (Frosinone,) and speak both Italian and English. Giovanni Ranzo e-mail: Mobile: (0039)3473259016 Aldo Fusciardi Mobile: (0039)3474889679 L'Associazione Italiana Crionica (A.I.C.) Bruno Lenzi, L'Aquila / 348.83.97.613

JAPAN: Hikaru Midorikawa, is President Japan Cryonics Association. Formed in 1998 by several Japan-based members who are interested in cryonics. Our goals are to disseminate cryonics information in Japan, to provide cryonics services in Japan, and eventually, to allow cryonics to take root in the Japanese society or

NEW ZEALAND: Contact Cam Christie, or go to:

NETHERLANDS: The Dutch Cryonics Organization is the local standby group and welcomes new enthusiasts Contact Secretary Jappie Hoekstra at +31-(0)6-53213893 or e-mail: . Okhorstweg 6 7234 SV Wichmond Email: Inschrijfnummer Kamer van Koophandel: 09133147 see also: and

SOUTH AFRICA Harry Sferopoulos Orange Grove, Johannesburg, South Africa

+27 (0) 72-736-5717 skype:cord-less-fones . Can provide assistance in South African cryonics cases.

SPAIN: Giulio Prisco is Secretary of the Spanish Cryonics Society La Sociedad Española de Criogenización. He lives in Madrid and he's a life member of CI and is willing to serve as a contact point for Europeans. He can be contacted at: cell phone (34)610 536144 or


UNITED KINGDOM: The UK has the largest concentration of Cryonicists outside the US, with a total of maybe 100+. There are 2 large & enthusiastic Groups: "Cryonics Europe" which is an extensive & informative Website run by CI Director & Contributing Editor, John de Rivaz or The second group is "Cryonics UK" known as CUK, This is a joint Support Group for all UK people (including CI & Alcor members) who are interested in all aspects of Life Extension. There are 2 Levels of Membership: Ordinary Membership is absolutely Free for the moment! Secondly, central to the objective of the Group is the CUK Standby Team of voluntary Paramedics, that works on a "self help" basis. Team Membership costs UK£15 a Month or UK£20 per couple. Also, a West Country Meeting is usually a held in September at the Cornishhome of John de Rivaz. Membership Manager-Mark Willis Secretary & WebMaster Mark Walker and help with joining CI David Flude Organiser

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21st Century Medicine has developed an entire platform technology focused on the creation and commercialization of hypothermic preservation and cryopreservation techniques, especially by vitrification. Fontana, CA Toll Free in the U.S. (866) 889-1215 Outside the U.S.

(909) 466-8633

Brain Preservation Foundation - Online portal for information on the emerging science of brain preservation.

Human Brain Project - The principle goal of the Human Brain Project is to build a European research facility that will simulate the human brain.

Cryonics Survey - A consumer survey designed to measure familiarity with and attitudes toward the idea of cryonics was conducted over the internet (1998).

Carboncopies - Carboncopies is a nonprofit organisation with a goal of creating a networking and outreach community around the central idea of Advancing Substrate Independent Minds (ASIM).

Medical Biostasis - Reversible human biostasis (Extended Clinical Suspended Animation)

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