Council Officers

2024 - 2025 Council Officers

Chaplin - Fr. Trevor Lontine

Grand Knight - Tom Ariniello

Deputy Grand Knight - Bill Hack 

Chancellor - Ed Geron

Advocate - Ross Seymour

Financial Secretary - Tim Trujillo

Treasurer - Chuck Green

Recorder - Mike Hart

Warden - Lowell Dihle

Lecturer - Rob Reeves

Inside Guard - Rich Garigen

Outside Guard - Ernie Compton 

Board of Trustees

1-Year Trustee - Tim Vettel

2-Year Trustee - Randy Weinert

3-Year Trustee - Rich Boespflug 

District Officers

District Deputy - David Dudden


Project Coordinators

Faith - Tom Lyons

Community - Tom Ingram

Family - Ross Seymour

Culture of Life - Jesse Green

Vocations - Tim Trujillo 

Membership - Ed Geron

Service Projects - TBD

Charity, Unity, and Fraternity
Exemplification Degree Team

Presiding Officer - Rob Reeves

Presenter on Charity - Ed Dill

Presenter on Unity - Rich Garigen

Presenter on Fraternity - Ed Geron

Warden - Ross Seymour

Investing Officer - Tom Arinello

(GK or highest-ranking officer in attendance)