Message from Pastor Sue

(January 2019 - from our 2018 Annual Report)

2018 The Year of Change

When it comes to change and the church, most people shudder and believe that it is not possible! But as they say, suddenly you know it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.

Real and lasting change is a process.

On the last Sunday of 2017 we gathered together at Knox and spoke about what we do well and also what we would like to see happen within the Heart of Muskoka Pastoral Charge.

Our transformation through 2018 was slow and steady.

Real and lasting change is a process. In our fast pace, I want it now society, many people have a hard time with the process aspect of change. It means that we have to put some thought behind things, work a little harder and perhaps even start from scratch with some things.

Perhaps transformation can be compared to the process from caterpillar to butterfly.

We all love butterflies, but do you know what happens inside that cocoon? As my friend Catherine shared with me – ‘First of all, the caterpillar disintegrates, it releases enzymes that break down its body into a gooey mess. If you were to peek inside (please don’t) you would see caterpillar soup! You would not see anything that suggests what it once was or even a hint of what it might become. We are talking organized chaos here! A complete overhaul. A total rebirth. All that was is abandoned in exchange for what will be. This type of upgrade doesn’t come easily. It requires an all-in attitude and a supernatural surrender to a divine process that begins when we say YES.’

Well, this past year we have said YES and have let the process unfold.

On the last Sunday of 2018 we reviewed the goals we set on New Year’s Eve day in 2017. Guess what?! We hit all our goals, well, except one – that perhaps we could add some liturgical dance to our services.                                                                            Well, with the help of Cameron playing Vince Guaraldi’s ever-popular Snoopy Dance, we met that goal too! What fun to join in a circle and dance from a place of love deep in our hearts!

We continued to shine in our outreach through community lunches, study group, yoga, the Rainbow Fund, yarn circles, and movie nights. Oh, and we cannot forget the music, theatre events and documentaries.

Our youth even got into the action and hosted a lasagna supper with the proceeds going to The Children’s Foundation of Muskoka.

This list could go on and on but, I’m sure you get the point.

You have shown that the Heart of Muskoka Pastoral Charge is not afraid to step out and try something new. In fact, you not only stepped out, you embraced all the new ideas and formats that were brought your way.

We may have entered a new way of walking and seeing our faith, but one thing still holds fast and strong: Not only do we reach out, but we also reach in.

The Heart of Muskoka continues to be a place for young and old to connect, to live, to laugh, to love and to be a family of faith.

May this truth always ring true!


God Bless!!

Pastor Sue