A Brief History

Knox United Church

A Brief History

1869 –The first Presbyterian settlers who took up the land around the present village of Port Sydney began to meet in a small log house of James Kay and his wife. Services continued until 1871 in the home of the McFees

1873- 1874 – Student ministers who came as missionaries to the scattered communities of Muskoka included Port Sydney in their circuit.

1884 – in the Autumn of that year, construction of the church began on land donated by Sydney Smith. The first service in the new Church took place in the spring of 1885. That they built well is evident, 10 x 10 hand hewn beams around the perimeter, floor joists and studs mortised into the timbers, the whole foundation constructed without nails. The pulpit, still in use today, was made by William Clarke and William Jarvis.

1909 – Proceeds from a sale of potatoes planted in a field owned by Mr. Phippen were used to purchase a bell for the Church.

1925 – Church union. Knox became a member of The United Church of Canada.

1953 – An addition for the Sunday school with a basement beneath for an oil furnace was proposed. It was completed in 1958. This was later extended to include a kitchen and small storage room with a toilet.

1985 – The centennial project, a full basement under the sanctuary containing a modern kitchen, 2 washrooms and a room for gatherings was completed. A new front entrance with stairs leading to the new addition was included.

1999 – A new high efficiency oil furnace was installed.

2001 – The walls and ceiling of the sanctuary were insulated.

2002 – New energy efficient windows have been installed in the sanctuary.

2003 – Sunday school room & Meeting room behind the sanctuary renovated & upgraded for improved efficiency and ambiance.

2010 - A new sign board was added to the front lawn to better promote Knox and community activities.

2012 - New front doors were dedicated in loving memory of Clara Watson (1909-2011), the Sunday School room was re-named 'Clara & Daisy's Place' in memory of Clara Watson and Daisy Hughes who had been long-time Sunday School teachers, and a new gas furnace was installed to replace the oil furnace.

2017-2018 - Main foyer, stairwell, Centennial room and kitchen were repainted; foyer light fixture was replaced; kitchen was updated (reworked to improve flow, 2-bowl commercial sink added, new vinyl laminate flooring installed, and new countertops installed).