Loveland - KM Headquarters

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The Loveland school is the Headquarters for Kapatiran Mandirigma and
Modern Arnis / Kombatan GGM Ernesto A. Presas Legacy.

Please contact GM Shelley  at for more information.

What to expect --------------------------------------------------------

Modern Arnis / Kombatan (MAK) 
GGM Ernesto A. Presas Legacy
Modern Arnis / Kombatan (MAK) GGM Ernesto A. Presas Legacy is the main art represented at the Loveland location. MAK is a mixture of the old Modern Arnis De Mano - Presas Style curriculum and the newer Kombatan curriculum. You will learn the Classical Styles of Modern Arnis / Kombatan, like Doble Baston (Double Stick), Force to Force Abaniko Doblada (Hard block with a fan strike then double large circular strikes), Hirada Sungkiti (Umbrella block with hooking strikes), Palis-Palis Doblete (Parry with double small circular strikes), Sinawali (Double Stick patterns), Espada Y Daga (Sword and Dagger) and Daga sa Daga (Knife fighting). 
The Modern Style of Kombatan is the fixture for GM Presas's art. 
Stick Catchings (securing the opponents weapon), disarms, takedowns, Police Techniques and much more are also taught.

Who is the teacher --------------------------------------------
The Loveland chapter is headed by KM's founder, Grandmaster Shelley Millspaugh.  
GM Shelley is assisted by 'Expert Level 2' students, Justin Hahn, Bryan McAulay and Tyler Will.

GM Shelley and Master Jhun at the Bladed Hand Demo in DC

Class Schedule--------------------------------------------------------

Class Schedule and Tuition -----------------------------------------------------------
We are currently not holding classes.
If you are interested in Private Lessons, contact GM Shelley via email at

Private Lesson fee -----------------------------------------------------

KM Member:
$30/hr for 1 person, $50/hr for 2 persons, $60/hr for 3 persons. 
Non-KM Member:
$60/hr for 1 person, $90/hr for 2 persons, $110/hr for 3 persons.

Seminar fee ------------------------------------------------------------

1 day (6 hrs.) = $500, plus travel, lodging and food.
2 day (12 hrs.) = $750, plus travel, lodging and food.

For more information, send an email to, or stop by the school.


Kruzada Knife trainers mixed with hilts of antique and newer made sundang from the Philippines.