Kalis Ilustrisimo

Announcing Kalis Ilustrisimo Classes in NYC

About The Art

The art of Ilustrisimo is based on the sword fighting methods that have been with the Ilustrisimo family for generations before it was named after the Great Grandmaster Antonio Ilustrisimo, the most celebrated master of the art. The art at present is known as Kalis Ilustrisimo, meaning 'The Sword of Ilustrisimo'. The name was given by the heir and guardian of the system, Grandmaster Antonio Diego in honor of his teacher.

About The Instructor

Raul Marquez is a lifelong student of Ilustrisimo. He began his study and practice from the Great Grandmaster himself, followed by the Elders, the Vanguards and among his peers. He was a dedicated practitioner of several Japanese and Chinese martial arts until being exposed to Ilustrisimo after which these other systems had to take the back seat. His interest in other arts was quickly eclipsed by a newfound passion for the Filipino sword art of Ilustrisimo. However, the experience and knowledge of these martial arts paved the way for a genuine appreciation of a truly magnificent blade art.

Training in NYC

Classes are starting in New York City soon. If you are interested in learning the sword of of Ilustrisimo, please provide some information HERE.

For additional information

Contact: training@mananandata.com

Website: www.mananandata.com