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MAK Promotion - Jason Sullivan

posted Dec 30, 2016, 11:50 AM by Shelley Millspaugh   [ updated Dec 30, 2016, 11:51 AM ]

This past weekend, Jason Sullivan was promoted to Modern Arnis / Kombatan Expert Level 3.
Jason has been with GM Shelley since 2004.
Jason has shown these last few years to really understand the art and has taken a leadership roll in training the Kansas City MAK group (Spring Hill / Ryukyu).
Jason will continue to mentor the KC MAK group, along with Master Dan Lowman. 
This promotion has been a long time coming for Jason.

Congrats Jason!!!!!

And to clear any confusion - 
KC KM/CEO is headed by John Bamford, with help from Kurt Weigel and Chris Copeland.

KC MAK is headed by Jason Sullivan, with help from Richard Mann, Ben Thomas and Ashdon Kice.

New World Kombatan Family website

posted Aug 9, 2016, 11:01 AM by Shelley Millspaugh   [ updated Nov 11, 2016, 11:48 AM ]

World Kombatan Family has a new website. 
Senior Master Tomi Harrell of Finland, GM Andy Elliot of Australia, and GM Shelley Millspaugh have created a source to unite all Kombatan teachers and practioners.
Check it out!!

New location for the Colorado Headquarters!!!

posted Feb 22, 2016, 11:45 AM by Shelley Millspaugh   [ updated Feb 7, 2017, 8:14 AM ]

The Fort Collins Inner Wave Pencak Silat school has moved to 117 W. 2nd St. Loveland, CO.
We are located in the same building. 
Our new schedule and tuition is as follows -
Saturday - Modern Arnis Kombatan (9-noon) $80/month 
Thursday - Modern Arnis Kombatan (7:15-8:30) $60/month
Both days $120/month
Single class drop in rate. Sat. = $25. Weekday = $20

Please come by and say hello!

GGM Ernesto A. Presas Legacy Gathering 2017

posted Feb 11, 2016, 1:30 PM by Shelley Millspaugh   [ updated May 12, 2017, 12:17 PM ]

June 23-25, 2017. Kapatiran Mandirigma will be hosting the largest Gathering of Kombatan Instructor's, Master's and Grandmaster's in the United States and will be held in beautiful Colorado. The event is to honor the legacy of GGM Ernesto A. Presas and the art he had left to his students.
If you are interested in teaching at this event and want to honor the impact GGM Ernesto Presas had on your training, message Jhun Occidental (

The Gathering will be held at -

Northglenn Recreation Center.

11801 Community Center Dr.

Northglenn, CO 80233

More info to be announced shortly. 

Confirmed Featured Instructors - 
Grandmaster Rene Tongson - Manila, Philippines (Modern Arnis, IMAFP)
Grandmaster Alex France Sr. - Nevada (Kombatan, Bais Tres Manos, Villasin Balintawak) 
Grandmaster Alex Ercia - San Francisco (Kombatan, Kalis Ilustrisimo, Villasin Balintawak) 
Grandmaster Allan Sarco Fami - Manila (Kombatan, Kalahi Martial Arts)
Grandmaster Oliver Garduce - Toronto (Pintados Kombatan)
Grandmaster Shelley Millspaugh - Colorado (Kombatan) 
Senior Master Vincent Pernice - Kansas (Kombatan)

Guest Instructors - 
Master Rino Balinado - Tacoma (Mongcal Balintawak) 
Datu Tim Hartman - New York (Modern Arnis, Kombatan) 
Master Ricky Lazo - Florida (Luzviminda Kali)
Grandmaster Jeff Sprawls - Missouri (Kombatan) 
Master Kendal Coats - Oklahoma (Kombatan)
Master Damon Abraham - Colorado (Kombatan) 
Master Jhun R. Occidental - NoVA/DC (Kombatan)
Master Dan Lowman - Florida (Kombatan) 

Pre Registration prices (before May 20th deadline) - 

3 days of training = $200

1 day of training = $100

Registration prices (after May 20th deadline) - 

3 days of training = $250

1 day of training = $125

Please send payment via Paypal to

This includes all training, day and night.

Kapatiran Mandirigma Estes Park Training Camp

posted Dec 27, 2015, 5:55 AM by Damon Abraham   [ updated Feb 11, 2016, 2:42 PM by Damon Abraham ]

June 10th - 12th 2016.  
We are proud to announce the 7th annual Kapatiran Mandirigma Summer Camp in Estes Park, Colorado. 

To Register, follow the link below:

Camp Pricing: 
* Prepaid before March 31st: $195
** Prepaid before June 10th: $250 
For payments received after the March 31 deadline. 
*** On June 10th At the Door: $275 
Full Price Rate
****Price for Saturday ONLY: $125
***** Price for Friday or Sunday ONLY: $75

NOTE: Space at the campsite is very limited. Likewise, the camp occurs during peak tourist season in Estes Park. Therefore, we encourage you to make your reservations as early as possible in order to guarantee your space. 

As always we will have an amazing lineup of instructors who represent the core of KM. We are still finalizing our instructor list so stay tuned for details. 

About the Camp: 
The camp is held on private land with cabins with bunk beds, lodge house with kitchen and entertainment area and acres of wilderness to explore. It is situated only a few minutes from old town Estes Park and many hotels and lodges. Camp lodging is limited to 25 persons. 

We are still working out some of the details regarding registration costs and attendance limits. But, it is advised that your start planning now and be prepared to reserve your spot ASAP as attendance will be limited. 

For more information, please email Guro Damon Abraham at

Sponsored by Kapatiran Mandirigma, U.T.A.M.A. and Archipelago Sandata.

Indonesian Martial Arts in NYC

posted Oct 23, 2013, 1:07 PM by Damon Abraham   [ updated Dec 26, 2015, 6:54 AM by Damon Abraham ]

Three great silat teachers, one day of training:

Guru Yana Sastra, Sunda Buhun 11:00am-1:00pm

Guru Ismail Sujadi, Pasundan Pencak Silat 2:00pm-4:00pm

Sifu Peter Lim (Agus Salim), Cahaya Hati 4:00pm-6:00pm

$45 dollars at the door, Pearl Studios 500 8th Ave, NYC. Right next to Penn Station! 
Suite 1202/1203. 12th Floor.

For more information and to RSVP, CLICK HERE

NYC Seminar with Master Kurt Graham (Kombatan Arnis)

posted May 6, 2013, 7:26 PM by Damon Abraham


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July 13th, 2013
18 West 18th St. in New York City

Time:  2-8PM 

Prepay Now:  $75 
At the Door: $75 
    - Space is limited and preference will be given to prepaid students
    - Use one of the prepay options (Google or Paypal) below to register.  Once paid, you will receive an email confirmation and your name will be added to the guest list at the door. 

Kapatiran Mandirigma is very excited to host Senior Master Instructor Kurt Graham.  This is a rare opportunity to train with a renown expert in Kombatan Arnis. Kurt has lived in the Philippines and trained extensively with friend and mentor, Great Grand Master Ernesto Presas.  He continues his dedication to the art of Kombatan as the chief instructor of New Zealand.  

He brings a wealth of experience and diverse perspectives to his training and in addition to holding his Mastery in Arnis, Kurt has previously achieved a Master level ranking (6th & 7th Dan) in two other arts.  

For questions contact:


4th Annual Kapatiran Mandirigma Training Camp

posted Feb 16, 2013, 6:38 PM by Damon Abraham

June, 28th - 30th Estes Park, CO

Kapatiran  Mandirigma Presents the 4th annual Filipino 
and Indonesian Martial Arts Training Camp 2013
June 28-30th 2013
Park, Colorado

YouTube Video

Kapatiran  Mandirigma proudly presents our 4th Annual FMA/IMA Training Camp in beautiful 
Estes Park, Colorado. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to train with this 
amazing collection of teachers. This year, we are honored to welcome Master Kurt Graham, Senior Master instructor of Kombatan Arnis and personal student of Grandmaster Ernesto Presas. 

Senior Master Kurt Graham - Kombatan Arnis - New Zealand
Master Style Nagarajen - Combate Eskrima Orehenal - Virginia
Guro Daniel Prasetya - Inti Ombak Pencak Silat - Colorado
Datu Rich Acosta - Kuntaw Kali Kruzada - NYC

Special Guest Instructors 
Sensei John Patrone - Vee Arnis Jitsu - Colorado 
Guro Gabe Charboneau - Marquina Kali, Panantukan - Colorado
Guro Mike Jennings - FCS Kali - Colorado.

There  will also be merchandise tables set up by Archipelago-Sandata, FIMA Fight Gear 
and Keen Edge Knife company. 

Friday – Check in at 1PM. Train for rest of the day.
Saturday – Training all day.
Sunday – Train in the morning. Check out at 11am. 
The official itinerary will be posted at the camp.

Comfortable training clothes, sticks, training swords, training knives, towels, toiletries, pillow, blanket, camera, flashlight, light jacket.

The campsite includes cabins and acres of mountain space for us to train in. Please carpool if possible due to lack of parking space at the camp site. We have reserved 4 cabins that sleep 6 people 
each.  In order to reserve your bed in the cabins, a 100% deposit will need to be made by May 17th.
Once the spots are filled, you will have to find your own accommodations in Estes Park, or reserve your own cabin at Hermit Park. So please reserve your spot early.

The cost of the camp will Include training and Dinner and  is the same whether you stay in a reserved cabin, rent your own cabin, camp out at a tent site or stay in a hotel in Estes Park.
There is a daily car permit that you will have to purchase on your own, so please 

Before May 17th 
3 days - $200
1 day -  $90

After May 17th 
3 days - $230
1 day - $100

Teachers and Students of Kapatiran Mandirigma and UTAMA affiliated schools get an extra 10% discount.
Please send payments through Paypal. Send to with a note describing the 

And remember, In order to reserve your bed at the campsite, a 100% deposit will need to be made by May 17th.  There are many hotels/cabins in Estes Park, the cost can be as little as $150 for a mandatory 2 night stay. 

Please contact GM Shelley for more  information, directions and to make your reservations at

Kapatiran Mandirigma Hosts The Bladed Hand in DC

posted Nov 13, 2012, 7:56 PM by Damon Abraham

Thank you to Guro Jhun Occidental from the Virginia Chapter of Kapatiran Mandirigma for hosting this special event.  The Bladed Hand is an amazing depiction of the history, roots, and current practice of the Filipino Martial Arts worldwide.  

Kombatan Freestyle with GM Shelley Millspaugh

Kalis Ilustrisimo

posted Sep 5, 2012, 9:36 PM by Damon Abraham

Announcing Kalis Ilustrisimo Classes in NYC 

About The Art

The art of Ilustrisimo is based on the sword fighting methods that have been with the Ilustrisimo family for generations before it was named after the Great Grandmaster Antonio Ilustrisimo, the most celebrated master of the art.  The art at present is known as Kalis Ilustrisimo, meaning 'The Sword of Ilustrisimo'. The name was given by the heir and guardian of the system, Grandmaster Antonio Diego in honor of his teacher. 

About The Instructor

Raul Marquez

Raul Marquez is a lifelong student of Ilustrisimo. He began his study and practice from the Great Grandmaster himself, followed by the Elders, the Vanguards and among his peers.  He was a dedicated practitioner of several Japanese and Chinese martial arts until being exposed to Ilustrisimo after which these other systems had to take the back seat. His interest in other arts was quickly eclipsed by a newfound passion for the Filipino sword art of Ilustrisimo.  However, the experience and knowledge of these martial arts paved the way for a genuine appreciation of a truly magnificent blade art.

Training in NYC

Classes are starting in New York City soon. If you are interested in learning the sword of of Ilustrisimo, please provide some information  HERE.  

For additional information 

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