Library Services

1) Home Lending Services :- We issue one book at a time for 7 days on his/her demand. On an average we issue 60 to 75 books per day and also collect 50 to 60 books.

2) Reading Hall :- We have provided reading room facility to our Girls and Boys students separate. There they can issue books, Reference books, Newspapers for reading and reference besides this old question papers and Wi- Fi facility also Provided. The reading hall capacity at a time is 50 students.

3) Periodicals Journals and News Papers :- We subscribe Periodicals and Journals of each faculty almost all subject taught in the college, we subscribe 8 News Papers 5 are in Marathi Language and 3 are in English Language.

4) Reference Service :- Almost all subject Dictionaries, Language Dictionaries, Directories, Year Books, Encyclopedia, Marathi Vishwakosh and subject reference books are available in our reference section.

5) Current Awareness Service :- Current content of Journals are available on our college website to know about the articles newly published.

6) Golden Facility Card :- Golden facility card issued to merit list students can barrow three extra books on their barrowers cards.

7) Web-OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) :- Our College Library Website available Web-OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) the link are as follows, and access in the premises of the library.

8) Newspapers Clipping Service:- Whenever any kind of news published like advertisement, NSS related News, University related News we digitally kept in the library.

9) New Arrivals Service:- When new books arrived in the library we display in the new arrivals rack in the premises of the library and also on our college library website.

10) Books Reservation Service:- We have the facility of books reservation service on our SOUL Software.

11) Computerized Issue and Return :- We have the facility of books Issue and Return service on our SOUL Software.

12) Barcode :- Barcode are pasted on the Back Side of the title page of each books.

13) DDC Classification arrangement of Books :- All books are classified by Dewey Decimal Classification System and arranged in rack 000 to 900 for easy access.

14) CDs : CDs are available in the library and kept like in N-1, N-2 such form.

15) Maps : Maps are available in the Library.

16) Books Bank Scheme for Backward Class Students : This facility are available for SC, ST, DT, NT and VJNT Students and they can barrow 1 Set of Books of their Semester for that purpose, funded by the Department of Students Welfare University of Mumbai.

17) Remedial Classes : This facility are available for SC, ST, DT, NT and VJNT Week Students, funded by the Department of Students Welfare University of Mumbai.

18) Preparation for Competitive Studies : We given the list of Competitive Studies Books on the Website and for their study purpose we provided MPSC & UPSC links on the Website, besties this Department of Political Science organize the Competitive Studies Guidance.

19) Library Website : Library Website link are as follows

20) Online Library Orientation :- Online Library Orientation links are as follows given in the home page of the Library Website.