About Library

    We are very happy to make our Library Website. In this website each and every information regarding our library is given.

Our college library is established since the opening of the college i.e. in the year 1989. From the opening day the college has tried to develop the library. As our college is situated in rural and tribal area. But the college has gradually developed each and every department of the college.

    We are know that academic institutions and academic libraries play as  an important role in giving right directions to the cultural, political and social, scientific and technological development of the nation.

    These two go side by side and help in promoting the formal education for around development of the students.  In the academic institutions the library is the heart of the institution. Being the heart of academic institution, the importance of the academic library is much more.

    Today is an edge of information technology in this age academic libraries have perform more duties to provide maximum library services to their readers.  In this situations we are giving every type of library services to our management, staff members and students. 

    We are happy to bring to your kind notice what our library is and what activities are performed in our libraries and what library services are being rendered to our library users by way of this website.