Remote care

 I use VNC to control Mum's computer remotely. I can initiate video chats, and other interactive sessions. All mum needs to do is to watch and listen.
  • I use SSH and SFTP to administer her computer remotely.
  • I use Perl and scheduled tasks to play music at set times, and display messages on a 'whiteboard'.

This mindmap shows how the idea developed. You can get the splendid Freemind software to view it here.

What's new

New topics Bedtime and Sending Emails Automatically. Set remote video call software to auto-answer.

Extreme Blue project

IBM has adopted remote care as an Extreme Blue project. It's underway, and so my lips are sealed till the students have finished their work.

For information about Extreme Blue, see

DNS resolvers

DynDns hiked their prices by 20%, without explanation, and without even telling me that they'd put them up. I can afford it, but what the heck! So I stopped the payment. I still have their free name; in preparation for when they remove that, I set up an alternative with Free DNS. I should thank DynDns really; corporate greed has made my setup more robust.

Here's a video (OGG format, 14MB), showing how it works. My thanks to Adrian Warman for talking me what I needed to do when I was planning the project. 

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Last updated: 2013-07-09.