KEMS Workshop

October 23rd – 25th 2017

Jülich, Germany

Knudsen Effusion Mass Spectrometry



In the frame of the workshop is a focus on instrument designs and established knowhow. New concepts and application orientated results should be presented and discussed. It should have more a workshop than a conference character and to pull and keep the “KEMSedians” together.

We see the first day as an orientation in order to get a state of the art. Different presentation should describe new ideas, modifications, examples of outcome or papers and more.

On the second day should be a lab tour regarding KEMS and further complementary methods for the determination of thermodynamic data. The lab-tour includes discussion on site including posters or instrument construction plans and sketches. Additionally, the day serves as prearrangement for the third day.

The third day could be used for a summery and future of the workshop.

A discussion on implementation of a complementary equilibrium method like calorimetry is useful and imperative for thermodynamic studies in the vapor and condensed phase. Two presentations with the extensive use of complementary methods will emphasis this.

The third day will also be characterized by an idea of the establishment of a center of excellence. The idea concerns the facilitation to allocate an international access of our labs for scientists on the base of cooperation and non-profiteering.

The table below is only a preliminary overview program to be extended. FINAL PROGRAM



Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


Opening and Introduction

*     Kobertz, Bolt (directorate)

Current Paper Presentation KEMS (30 – 45 min, incl. discussion)

*     I

*     II

Introduction of the complementary methods shown during lab tour (Kobertz)

*   Calorimetry study (Sergeev)

*   Lab tour and poster presentation


On-site discussion

Thermodynamic Studies

*   Studies on ferro-electrics (Kobertz)

*   Salt Systems for thermal energy storage (Sergeev)

*   Probably more short time (10 min) presentations to introduce participants own example with complementary methods






*     III

*     IV

*     V

Probably more short time (10 min) presentations to introduce a paper for the journal

Probably more short time (10 min) presentations to introduce participants own experience with complementary methods


Work shop tour

Future aspects and the idea for a center of excellence

*   Proposal/suggestion (Kobertz)

*   workshop expansion with additional methods?





Workshop Banquet


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