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Mass Spectrometry Handbook

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Building scientific apparatus, 4th ed.

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Translated version Longmans, Green, and Co., Universität Breslau, 1899.

The Kinetic Theory of Gases

(London, 1934)

Martin Knudsen


Review KEMS 2012 till 2017

Calphad, 2019, 64: 258-266, March 2019, Pages 258-266


Knudsen effusion mass spectrometry studies on metal halides performed in 1990-2014

The Pharmaceutical and Chemical Journal, 2016, 3(1):68-93

Kamila Armatys, Miroslaw Miller

Twenty Years of Knudsen Effusion Mass Spectrometry: Studies Performed in the Period 1990-2010

The Open Thermodynamics Journal, 7, (2013), 2- 9

Miroslaw Miller, Kamila Armatys

V.L. Stolyarova (Review of 35 years of mass spectrometric activity of the Saint Petersburg State University)

High Temperature Mass Spectrometric Study of Thermodynamic Properties and Vaporization Processes of Oxide Systems: Experiment and Modeling

The Open Thermodynamics Journal, 7, (2013), 57-70

High-temperature mass spectrometry: Instrumental techniques, ionization cross-sections, pressure measurements, and thermodynamic data (IUPAC Technical Report, 2005)

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La Revue de Métallurgie-CIT/Science et Génie des Matériaux, no. Septembre, pp. 1077-1099, 1998

C. Chatillon