Magician is a free Magic: The Gathering ® card and deck cataloguing program.

It's fast and easy to use. New cards can be added to lists and decks by using the mouse or keyboard. (Actually, using the keyboard is a much faster way to catalogue your cards than by using the mouse.)

Magician has very powerful search capabilities. For example, you can easily view all the creature cards that have trample and/or first strike, have toughness 2 or more, and cost 4 or less. Or, you could pick out any card that produces red mana. 

Magician is also capable of creating decks for Magic Workstation and Apprentice.

See the features for full feature list. Navigate to screenshots to see Magician in action.

System Requirements

Any 32-bit Microsoft Windows.
Windows 98 and XP are tested, and Magician should work on any other 32-bit Windows.

Magic: The Gathering, cards, card images, mana symbols, information, etc. are either copyright or trademark of Wizard of the Coast

Magician was built using:

You may redistribute Magician in its entirety, and only so long as no money is charged. 

Copyright © 2005–2010 Kristian Kilpi. All rights reserved. 
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