Current Officers:

President: Don Scurlock

Vice President: Mike Compton

Don Scurlock

Don served as a playtest coordinator in 2016 and as Vice President in 2017. He started serving as President of the group in February of 2018.

Mike Compton

Mike is the founder of the Kansas City Game Designers. He also served as president of the group from 2015 until February of 2018 at which time he began serving as Vice President.

Mike was also one of the founding members of the Boardgame Designers Guild of Utah in 2007 and was the manager of Game Night Games - a board game store in Salt Lake City, UT - from 2008 to 2012. He designed a game called The Heavens of Olympus that was published by Rio Grande Games in 2011 and has helped playtest several published games including The Road to Canterbury, and Bridge Troll.

Mike has a Bachelor's degree in Marriage, Family, and Human Development from Brigham Young University and a Masters degree in Business Administration from Weber State University. He has worked as a Business Analyst for, the University of Kansas, and currently works as a Product Owner for Intrepid Insurance in Overland Park, KS.

In addition to designing board games, Mike is also a musician who plays guitar, improvisational piano, and he has worked as a drumline instructor for high schools in both Utah and Alabama.

Previous Officers

Ben Mora

Ben served as a playtest coordinator in 2016.

Ben is a production artist at Garmin in Olathe, Kansas. He has always loved creating things, and is an avid board game enthusiast, so it's only natural that the two powers eventually combined.

In February 2014 he successfully published his first card game, "Flip!", via Kickstarter under his brand, "Mora Games". The game started as an entry to a "micro game" contest on

Ben also plays guitar and leads worship with his house church, and is really into table tennis.

Some of Ben's favorite table games include Acquire, Axis & Allies, Metropolys, and Settlers of Catan.