Game Evaluation

Here are some questions to consider as possible points of discussion when providing feedback as a playtester:


    • Who is the intended audience for the game?

    • What are some specific examples of published games you see as being in the same intended category as the game being evaluated?

    • What are your general biases as a player for or against games in this category?

    • How much fun did you have playing the game?

    • What aspects did you like most / least about the design?

    • How likely would you be to play this game again?


    • How clear were the rules of the game?

    • How clear was the game presentation (components, board, icons, etc.)?

    • What could be done to make the game experience more clear for the players?

Theme (if applicable)

    • How well did the game mechanics reinforce the theme?

    • What could be done to improve the integration of theme and mechanics?

    • What opportunities and/or challenges are presented by the current theme or lack thereof?


    • How engaging were the choices presented by the game?

    • How appropriate was the depth of the choices offered compared to the overall length and pace of the game?

    • What could be done to make the choices more engaging?


    • How well did the game maintain an engaging pace throughout the experience?

    • What aspects of the game's design interfered with a satisfying pace (ex. "fiddly" or tiresome "book keeping" procedures)?

    • What could be done to improve the pacing?


    • How appropriate was the fairness of the game experience for each participant?

    • What could be done to improve this aspect of the game?

Product Viability

    • What price would you expect to pay for a game in this category?

    • What price point would have to be charged to support the game's production given the current quantity and types of components?

    • How well does the strategic depth of the game match the anticipated price point?

    • What components could/should be changed or removed to support a viable price point?