Beauty is an art form, and makeup, temporary as it may be, is art. Every person is naturally beautiful in their own unique way. Makeup is simply the art that enhances their beauty. It has a certain power that provides so much more than a "pretty face" and an almost therapeutic quality that can heal a person's soul even on the worst days.

Why I began doing makeup in the first place:

I was hoping that through

helping people see the beauty in themselves,

I could try to find it in me

                                                                                               ~Kevyn Aucoin


A Certified Make-up Artist, Kate resides in Columbia, Maryland, and provides professional makeup services to the greater Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area. She has graduated from both the John Casablancas Modeling & Career Center and Von Lee International School of Aesthetics.

With over 20 years experience, Kate has worked with numerous Clients that range from brides to children and provides custom foundation and color blending. Innate talent and passion has helped form her expertise in wedding, special events, photo shoots, filmography, and customized tutorials. 

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