There is no question why it is a cliché... "Life is in the details."

With today's emphasis on multitasking and gadgets aimed to multitask, people often forget about the truth exposed in the details of the everyday. We are far too busy checking emails, voice mails, and text messages on our devices to disconnect and focus on the fundamentals of life. 

Having grown up in the era of technology, Kate has seen the near-demise of the handwritten note, the Hallmark card, the home phone, and the "pop-by". While our vast technology has been meant to bring us together, it seems to have driven us apart on a very basic level... the human level on which we truly connect. 

It is at this level that Kate's artwork tries to connect to its viewers. Taking a simple idea, it transforms into something that presents a world of infinite possibilities and ideas. With this vision in mind, we invite you to take part in Kate's journey and experience the beauty that lies in the details.