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Development of Document Management System

Document management system is a process of creating and storing documents electronically. A web application was implemented in the department of Computer Science to save and search the incoming documents for the university. A development of the system has been made to improve the functionality of the system, include extra tasks and rewrite the code in a modular way.

The system can now create new documents by using the templates available in the system; and users can easily find these documents from the database of the system. Users of the system can also insert the incoming documents from other directories by inserting its information and scan the document to be saved in the database as well so the document can be accessed later by performing the easy search implemented in the system. The created documents can also be printed.

The application is implemented in a modular way and can be extended at any time and stage. It has been designed be using external CSS style sheets files so the design of the system can be changed effortlessly. PHP is used as the server programming language and MySQL as the database for the application. JavaScript and jQuery is also used as client side programming.

Designing the project

posted Dec 21, 2013, 1:00 PM by Karwan Jacksi


I think now you're done from the code, so everything should be clear for you. If so, your task is now to make the project more modular which means you can redesign the project but in a modular way. You can visit me tomorrow so we can discuss about it.




posted Nov 17, 2013, 11:52 PM by Karwan Jacksi


We have to meet to discuss what you've done so far, I think next Saturday is a good day, try to manage the meeting.


Study the Code

posted Nov 4, 2013, 12:57 AM by Karwan Jacksi


Your first task is to study the code for the project.


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