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Java Software Editions

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The software that you use to create Java programs is referred to as the JDK (Java Development Kit) or the SDK (Software Development Kit). There are the following different editions of the JDK available from Oracle/Sun Microsystems:


Java SE - The Java Standard Edition provides all the essential software tools necessary for writing Java applications and applets.


Java EE - The Java Enterprise Edition provides tools for creating large business applications that employ servers and provide services over                         the Web.


Java ME - The Java Micro Edition provides a small, highly optimized runtime environment for consumer products such as cell phones,                                pagers, and appliances.



These editions of Java may be downloaded from Oracle/Sun Microsystems by going to:

Programming languages

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Language                        Description 

BASIC                     Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code is a General Purpose, procedural programming language. It was                                             originally designed to be simple enough for beginners to learn.

 FORTRAN           FORmula TRANslator is a procedural language designed for programming complex mathematical algorithms.


COBOL                Common Business Oriented I anguage is a procedural language designed for business applications.


Pascal                   Pascal is a structured, general-purpose, procedural language designed primarily for teaching programming.


C                          C is a structured, general-purpose, procedural language developed at Bell Laboratories.


C++                      Based on the C language, C++ offers object-oriented features not found in C. C++ was also invented at Bell Laboratories.


C#                        Pronounced “C sharp." It is a language invented by Microsoft for developing applications based on the Microsoft, NET                                     platform.


Java                      Java is an object-oriented language invented at Sun Microsystems. It may be used to develop stand-alone applications that                                 operate on a single computer, applications that run over the Internet from a Web server, and applets that run in a Web                                            browser.


JavaScript            JavaScript is a programming language that can be used in a Web site to perform simple operations. Despite its name,                                             JavaScript is not related to Java.


Perl                       A general-purpose programming language used widely on Internet servers.


PHP                      A programming language used primarily for developing Web server applications and dynamic Web pages.


Python                 Python is an object-oriented programming language used in both business and academia. Many popular Web sites contain                                   features developed in Python.


Ruby                    Ruby is a simple but powerful object-oriented programming language. It can be used for a variety of purposes, from small                                 utility programs to large Web applications.


Visual Basic         Visual Basic is a Microsoft programming language and software development environment that allows programmers to                                          create Windows-based applications quickly

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