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September 2018

A Note From Wendy

Hello Everyone,

It’s so  exciting to go to a Kapiti Quilters day and sit next to two lovely ladies who were new, signed up to join, and even paid online while we were sitting there. New members are always the lifeline of a group, and you are all so very welcome.
My challenge to everyone else (I hesitate to call us “old” members !! ) is to look out for people who are new or are on their own. If you see someone please go up and chat to them, Introduce yourselves and even invite them to sit with you. It’s scary to join a new group and we want everyone to feel included from day one.
You will feel good knowing you’ve eased someone’s start in this great group, and even made yourself a new friend.
I hope to see you all on the bus trip. It’s going to be a really fun day.
Best wishes


Please check if you are on the roster“Recently there have been a few Thursday evenings where  no one has turned up to do their allocated duty in the kitchen. We now have two committee members who will write up the roster and remind those assigned for duty. If you can’t do your turn please ask someone to step in for you.  If you are on supper duty you need to be there by 7.15pm to put out cups etc. ready for supper and do the dishes after. Hall duty involves covering the tables with plastic and then making sure the room is tidy at the end of the evening. 

 Duty October
 Supper Michelle Meads
Pauline Meldrum
 Hall set up Kay Mills
Wendy Mohan



Diane Barnden will be our guest speaker at the next Thursday night meeting. She will be speaking about her textile trip to India. I know this will be an interesting topic. Diane is one of our club members.

In November our speaker will be Adrienne Walker who many of you will know, while she will be new to others. Adrienne does wonderful 3 dimensional work among her many other talents as well as being a pattern designer.


Walking foot class. Tutor Wendy Hatley   

This class is full but you are welcome to put your name on a list as Wendy will do this class again next year .

 Have you always wanted to be able to quilt your own work, but never really known how to use your walking  foot? This is the class for you.
By the end of the day you will be able to do: stitch in the ditch, shadowing, matchstick quilting, free hand stars, circles and a few more fun techniques.                                          This is NOT a "free motion" quilting class.
You will need a Walking foot for your machine, or a machine with an integrated feed.  
          Class is on October 6 from 10 am to 4 pm, bring your lunch. Cost is $15. 

A needs list will have been sent when you registered. There is some preparation of some simple 9 patches required before the class. 
Tutor is Wendy Hatley who says” I’ve run this class many times in Australia and I’ve never had anyone who couldn’t turn out beautifully quilted work straight away .
To express interest for next year please email Wendy

Accidental Landscapes 

There are still some places for this class. Contact Wendy if you wish to register.

Dianne Southey will tutor a class on 1 December. Details are on the Classes page and a needs list will be posted in November.  A requirement of this class is to have a copy of the book “Accidental Landscapes” by Karen Eckmeier. Dianne can order one if you need it. The price of the book is $15.00. 
  Subscriptions/ Newsletter
6 subscriptions are still outstanding. These can be paid at a meeting or directly into our bank account. Don’t forget to add your name so Gail knows who has paid. $35.00 for the year. Subscriptions are now 4 months overdue.

Bank  Account: 01-1167-0013764-00

If you have not paid your subscription your name will be removed from the membership list.


Next retreat day is Saturday 6th October.


  Rangitikei and Rose City Quilters Exhibitions – Bus Trip

 Rangitikei Quilters and Rose City Quilters will both be holding their exhibitions on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th October at Nga Tawa Event Centre in Marton and in Palmerston North at Girls’ High School in Fitzherbert Avenue.

Instead of a mystery bus trip this year and the because of the proximity of these two exhibitions we will charter a bus and visit the two venues on Sunday 7th October with lunch at Palmerston North Plaza. There will be a little time for retail therapy as well. The cost of the bus will be $15.00 per person and $30.00 for non members so feel free to bring a friend. Lists will be at our meetings or contact   Judy at  9042282 or 0272468867 or

Bus leaves Bridge Club at 8.30am and should be back by 5.

Entry for each of the exhibitions is $5.00 and I will collect the entry fees on the bus to save standing in a queue to get in.

The last day to add your name will be at the guild meeting on Thursday 4th October.


There have been a number of new books put into the library. We have been fortunate that the Bridge Club has allowed us to use the space in the hallway and we have purchased a new cupboard to store some of our things in. As a result we are able to use both cupboards in the main hall to house our books. Chris and Jeanne have done a great job in sorting them into categories. A reminder that books are issued for a month. Please try and get them back on time so other members may use them too. We are building up our library with constant new additions. Remember if you have seen a book that you think would be of interest to others please let Jeanne or Chris know so it may be purchased.

Christmas Function

The committee are looking at possible venues and dates for our end of year function. As soon as time, date and place are confirmed we will let you know.


Have you looked through our website lately? There is lots of information, there are photos and up to date news. Jill does an amazing job and keeps it up to date so you should be able to find all the information you need there. Links to YouTube are well worth looking at too. It is a great resource for the guild.

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