Website about amending the writing usage of the alphabet "K"


The website that wants to alter how you read, write, type, understand and buy text because there are problems with the SHAPE of the "K" alphabet that lets say are not very nice!

When you consider why there is a problem? Then you will consider doing something about with your Handwriting, Typing and Reading. You will observe the new protocol Personally and Professionally.

Early Adopters Get Things Amended

There will be those that will be just plainly not bothered about the reason they should change the way they read and write the alphabet "K" thus the trend of amending the way alphabet "K" will come from early adopters -- the trend-setters that will understand and want to gradually get society on a mass basis also changed.


Actually the graphic designers, font designers and editors, when they understand that there is some basis to this argument and theory, then they would apply it in their work changing others usage. When their boss asks why? They will say, "movin with fashion boss!"

What should the new "K" alphabet look like? Get cracking folks!

Why quite often the writing of alphabet "K" is plain wrong?

The background problems relating to the STYLE and USAGE of alphabet "K" can be described as follows:

    • Symbolic - in the sense that the SHAPE of the alphabet is quite WRONG
    • Meaning - in the sense that the what is being COMMUNICATED through the wrong shape is DISASTEROUS
    • Intention - in the sense that the MOTIVE that is conveyed is BAD
    • Deep - in the sense that the SIGNAL of the shape has IMPACTS
    • Value - in the sense that the WRITTEN shape is being ACCEPTED by the reader
    • Psychological - in the sense that POSITION is being ERODED of human/s
    • Spiritual & Religion - in the sense that KARMA will surely DOWNGRADE any credits

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