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Examples of how "K" alphabet is portrayed


a "normal" font version



times new roman font version

K k


arial font version

K k


courier new font version

K k


georgia font version

K k


trebuchet font version

K k


verdana font version 

  K k

The Shape of the "K" Alphabet

The shape of the "K" alphabet is constructed as follows:

a vertical line, like this:


a left slanting top line coming to the above line through about the middle, like this:


a right slanting lower line coming from the middle of the vertical line and moving away from it at an angle, like this:


-- there is another way also, when instead of the vertical line: I  being used as the joining line, the left slanting top line: /  is used to join the right slating lower line: \ hence a "two line intersection" gets crafted, albeit visually difficult to see instead of the apparent "three line intersection."  Readers could get confused about this and so here is real life example:

Notice in the above "K" (k) and two angled lines and the vertical line intersecting together -- crafting a "three line intersection."

However, notice in the below "K"  where there is not a three line intersection but only a "two line intersection."