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Finally this probaby the most important page because it explains the cause why the alphabet "K" needs to change.

On the front page the spiritual and religious basis for changing the shape of the alphabet "K" was mentioned.  Actually this website and the cause of the amending the shape is really based on this.

Meaning is what makes life important because humans are not automatic like animals and normally have the ability to think.  Thus anything that is made by a human is there for a meaning and some purpose.

This is also for the shape of alphabets.  Because the shape of alphabets can give meaning.  People that write by hand give some meaning to reader about their state of mind and their character -- are they neat, clean, polished, understanding, artistic and scientific?  Not only content but shape, style and the way they have written is also important because it is giving meaning.

Now if based on a holy scripture there is some tragedy  mentioned and has a  connection or link with a shape, then that particular shape is also communicating a tragedy.  Thus the question is, if something is tragic can it be used generically in the english language and in other languages where the same shape is being used?

The shape "K" as it exist is more or less in the majority of the cases is flawed with tragedy based on holy scriptures.  Thus why should something tragic be present in the shape of an alphabet.  Now the tragedy is very grave and the shape symbolically is also very descriptive of this.  Should this shape be continually be ingrained in the human psyche unconsciously and be put into a human mind?  Also it can be argued because it has spiritual basis, somehow the tragic shape impacts the human on a unconscious or subconscious level to the point of carrying out that tragedy mentioned in the holy scriptures.

Because the shape of the alphabet "K" is used on a mass basis, the tragedy can also take the shape of gigantic proportions.

At this point, perhaps it should be mentioned what is the great tragedy that is being mentioned in this narrative?  The answer to the question is SUICIDE. An act of someone that takes their own life.  The act of someone so disturbed mentally that they cannot find any will to live.

In vast majority of the cases both on individual and professional levels, the alphabet "K" is being wrongly shaped, it is being shaped as "three intersecting lines" (see Examples "K" Alphabet) not as "two intersecting lines" (see Examples "K" Alphabet).  In handwriting people are having the "three intersecting lines" because it is much easier to write it that way.

This is risky because it is possible that people and society could be putting themselves unconsciously in a suicide mode.  There has to be education and awareness of this.

These are the two references to spiritual and religion that will provide the information about The Basis that have been gleaned from two websites --

"In India, one of the most holy pilgrimage places is in Allahabad, called Prayag or the Sangam. This is the spot of the Maha Kumbha Mela which is held every twelve years. It is where the three sacred rivers meet: the Ganges, the Yamuna and the Saraswati, which is an invisible river that flows from Heaven and comes up from underground. It is where the light waters of the Ganga and dark waters of the Yamuna embrace and millions of pilgrims come to have their sins washed away."

"Suicide is generally condemned by the Hinduj Dharmashastra texts but there are some exceptions in the Smrities, epics and Puranas. One exception prescribes religious suicide at either Prayag (Allahabad) or Kashi (Varanasi). It is written in the Padma Puran that "A man who knowingly or unknowingly, willfully or unintentionally, dies in the Ganges secures on death heaven and Moksha (release from the cycle of rebirth)" and in the Skanda Purana it says, "He who abandons his life in a holy place in some way or the other does not incur the sin of suicide but secures his desired objects." The account of the Chinese traveller Huan Tsang, who was in India between AD 629 and AD 645, indicates that in addition to scriptural sanction, there actually was a tradition of traveling to pilgrimage centres and committing religious suicide in India. He wrote that people would arrive daily at the confluence off the Jamuna and Ganges river at Prayag to drown themselves in the sacred waters there. In more recent times, as per the instructions in the Brahma Puranas, lepers' suicides were common near the great fort in Allahabad until the British authorities forbade them in the 1810s."

From these two above references it can be seen that there is importance give to intersection of three river lines, that also have a lot of history and culture that is spiritual and religious.  Also it mentions that the three rivers intersecting point is also the spot where suicides happen.

Suicide is then the symbol of the three intersecting lines and the "K" alphabet in vast majority of the cases is symbolising this, should this usage be continued? Is it not risky and dangerous to have this status quo in the shape that can be easily changed and represented in a better way?

Another point is according to vedic (indo) society, God is Krishna (also spelt Krsna) and He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He is being mentioned from 1965 onwards on a mass basis in the West by the Hare Krishna Movement, a world wide mission and they distribute books that the Founder of the Hare Krishna, His Divine Grace A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada  has translated and purported.  However, it should be noted that the people that are distributing his books have usurped the position of the Founder and removed the Founder from his position also changing his original copyrighted books.  Specifically in context of the "K" shape, the usurpers have disobeyed the Founder's order not to make the "K" alphabet in the suicidal shape, the Founder's order being to change the shape of the "K" alphabet so it is non-suicidal.  The usurpers though present the "K" alphabet in a suicidal shapes -- full and semi suicidal shapes.  These usurpers are using font styles that make the "K" alphabet appear to look like as "three lines intersecting" (see Examples "K" Alphabet).  Because Krishna is mentioned so many times in the books, even God or Krishna is being symbolised in tragic and cruel way.  These same people are also rumoured to have supported the rejection of the Founder and also taken orders from people that have rumoured to have poisoned the Founder physically and spiritually.

Thus the impact for using the wrong shape "K" does not only symbolise tragedy for humans but also God.  

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(you could ask 'whats with this three line intersecting now seen here with hashes above?' this is often under corporate e-information. all yee corporate communicators out there, how about changing this?)