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Here is a short history about the alphabet "K" and the alphabets 

  • The english language alphabet are 26 in total A B C D E F G H I K L M N O P Q R S T V X Y Z
  • "K" is the 11th alphabet and pronounced as kay
  •  Quite a few of the english language alphabets are derived from history 
  • An evolution version or theory of the english language alphabet can be seen at
  • This above preceding point can also include the alphabet "K"
  • The alphabet "K" is not only common to the english language but various other european languages such as Latvian and Polish 
  • Movement of people, cultures, conquests and fashions through time brought the english language to certain parts of the world
  • Classifications on english language per se are, old english, middle english, early modern english and modern english
  • The host english language country where the english language was exported from was England  
  • When America a new country based on english language dominated the power scene, it spread the english language to the world