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KACDE Training Workshop- Jabez, KY

Jabez 2011

                   Each year, KACDE employees from across Kentucky gather together in Jabez for the KACDE Conference & Training Workshop. 

In this workshop, KACDE provides hands-on training for District employees
as well as the opportunity to share ideas that have proven successful for District use in counties across the state.

This workshop offers collaboration from several different entities, as KACDE often invites representatives of agencies, organizations, and programs to join employees and share information, ideas, and program activities.  In years past at this training, KACDE has hosted NRCS, Division of Conservation, PRIDE, Wolf Creek Hatchery, Department of Agriculture, Cooperative Extension, and many others.  

                       For several years now, KACDE has coordinated to offer a "Supervisor Panel" comprised of a few District Supervisors who gather
                   to speak with District employees in a question/answer and discussion panel.  Employees and Supervisors alike have spoken highly 
                of this part of the program, mentioning the benefits of establishing an open line of communication and expectations for both parties.    

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September 12-14, 2017