Keith A. Brown
Principal Investigator

Assistant professor of Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, and Physics
Moorman-Simon Interdisciplinary Career Development Professor

  Nourin Alsharif
PhD Candidate, Mechanical Engineering

Nourin is interested in how the useful properties of natural materials derive from their intermolecular organization. To study this, she seeks to combine the unique nanoscale capabilities of enzymes with microfabrication to optimize materials on the macroscale. 

Wenhan Cao
PhD Candidate, Mechanical Engineering 

Wenhan is studying electrokinetics of micro/nano particles and new techniques for directing chemical reactions at the nano scale.

Le Li
PhD Candidate, Mechanical Engineering 

Le is investigating the properties of polymers under confinement and how these mesoscopic effects can lead to useful phenomena.

Aldair Gongora
PhD Student, Mechanical Engineering 

Aldair is developing new strategies for designing hierarchical materials. He is particularly interested in how systems and controls can impact materials science. 

  Abigail Rendos
PhD Student, Materials Science & Engineering

Abby's research focuses on exploring the mechanical properties of liquid marbles and connecting them to the behavior of their particulate coatings. More generally, she is fascinated by systems where weak colloidal interactions constructively interact to form useful materials. 

Verda Saygin
PhD Student, Mechanical Engineering
  Bowen Xu
MS Student, Mechanical Engineering

  Charlotte Cathcart
Undergraduate researcher 

Wyatt Perry
Undergraduate researcher 
  Chika Okoye
Undergraduate researcher 

  Lucas Soffer
Undergraduate researcher

Working in collaboration with Professor Brian Walsh

Interested in working with us? There are openings for graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and motivated undergraduate students. Email for more details. 


Sen Wang, MS Materials Science & Engineering 2018
Thomas Tenzin, BS Physics 
Brian Kim, BS Mechanical Engineering 2018, Currently a PhD Student at Caltech
Katie Costello, BS Mechanical Engineering 2018
Alexander Reever StoossBS Mechanical Engineering 2017
Lucas Encarnacao, BS Mechanical Engineering 2017
John Young, BS Mechanical Engineering 2017
Carolyn Nguyen, BS Mechanical Engineering 2017
Nikolaos (Nick) Farmakidis, MS Mechanical Engineering 2016, Currently a PhD student at Oxford
Anna Burkatovsky, BS Mechanical Engineering 2016

Group photos

Summer 2017

Summer 2016

Winter 2015