Science as Art
"Meltdown" scanning electron microscope image of the aftermath of dielectric breakdown.
The image is 116 microns wide and colorized. 

Dark field optical micrograph of a stress relief pattern in a polymer coated with silicon nitride. 
The image is 1 mm wide and not colorized.

Atomic force microscope topography image of region of surfactant that self-assembled in the shape of a dinosaur. 
The image is 1.6 microns wide and 20 nm tall.

Atomic force microscope phase image of a region of poly(styrene-b-4-vinylpyridine) patterned by polymer pen lithography.
The image is 300 nm wide and spans 65 degrees of phase.

Atomic force microscope topographic image showing atomic steps on a single crystal perovskite oxide surface.
Image is 4 microns wide and 2 nm tall. 

Open Source Scientific Resources

MATALB script designed to analyze electron microscope images to determine the size and shape of nanoparticles. 
Written by Christine R. Laramy and Keith A. Brown
For more details, see this JACS paper and this ACS Nano paper 

3D Printed Contact Angle Goniometer
Designed by Lucas Encarnacao