KABlab at Boston University
nanomanufacturing, mesoscale science, and hierarchical materials

We study polymers and smart fluids to determine how useful properties emerge from hierarchical structure. Due to the complexity of these systems, we believe advances in understanding require the development of new tools for making and studying these materials. Thus, a considerable focus is developing approaches that increase the throughput of materials research using scanning probe lithography, machine learning, additive manufacturing, and combinatorial chemistry

Assistant Professor Keith A. Brown leads the interdisciplinary KABlab. He holds appointments in Mechanical EngineeringMaterials Science & Engineering, and Physics

We gratefully acknowledge support from: 

The Air Force Office of Scientific Research 
Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) FA9550-1-16-1-0150

The National Science Foundation
Nanomanufacturing (NM) CMMI-1661412

The American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund
Doctoral New Investigator 57452-DNI9

U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center
Contract W911QY1820005

Google LLC
Faculty Research Award

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

The Moorman-Simon Interdisciplinary Career Development Professorship

The Boston University College of Engineering
Dean's Catalyst Award

The Boston University Nanotechnology Innovation Center (BUnano)

The Boston University Division of Materials Science & Engineering
MSE Innovation Award