"Coordinate with the Hatfield Marine Science Center, Oregon Coast Aquarium, Marine Discovery Tours, and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to align science curriculum, giving LCSD students an opportunity to be the best prepared oceanic science students in the country."

Lincoln County School District Strategic Plan 2012-2017

Lincoln County is fortunate to not only be a beautiful coastal area but to also have an immense number of marine industries, scientists and educational institutions. The Lincoln County School District recognizes that this is a unique asset that has not always been utilized fully to benefit students. Partnerships were created to remedy this lost opportunity and a shared vision was formed.

Our Mission is to make local coastal environments and communities an integrating context for learning across all grades and subjects.

The goals of the LCSD Ocean Literacy Initiative are to:

  • Create global stewards by connecting students to the ocean through curriculum related to the natural and human community they live in
  • Give educators and administrators the support, resources, and professional development necessary to provide high-quality instruction in ocean content
  • Sustain partnerships with community partners that reflect the science, tourism, fishing, and other industries in our area so students may better apply their understanding of concepts

While starting at a local level, we hope that Lincoln County will serve as a model for Oregon, the Pacific Northwest, and beyond.

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