José Verschae, 

jverschae \at uc *dot* cl

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Facultad de Matemáticas and
Escuela de Ingeniería
Campus San Joaquín
Av. Vicuña Mackenna 4860


About me

I am an assistant professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile with a double appointment between the Department of Mathematics and the School of Engineering, and affiliated to the area of Mathematical and Computational Engineering. I specialize in combinatorial optimization and analysis of algorithms. In particular I work in approximation and online algorithms for scheduling and network design problems. I currently participate in the project Nucleo Milenio "Información y Coordinación en Redes"

I was previously a Post-doc at the University of Chile, funded by a Fondecyt Postdoctoral Grant (2013-2014). I got my Phd at TU Berlin (2012) under the supervision of Martin Skutella. I was also part BMSTitle: The power of recourse in online optimization [pdf]. Previously, I received a Master in Applied Math (Ingeniería Matemática) at University of Chile.


  • I'm attending the Dagstuhl Scheduling workshop in March 2018.
  • I'm in the program committee of LATIN 2018.


A. Antoniadis, L. Chen, J. Correa, F. Eisenbrand, K. Jansen, N. Hänle, C.-C. Huang, Kim-Manuel Klein, A. Marchetti-Spaccamela, N. Megow, J. Mestre, J. Matuschke, M. Niemeier, S. Ott, B. Peis, R. Rischke, A. Schulz, M. Skutella, O. Svensson, L. Stougie, V. Verdugo, A. Wiese, A. Wierz, S. Thomas McCormick.


Victor Verdugo (coadvised with J. Correa), MS Applied Math, U Chile, 2014.
Christian von Borries (coadvised with J. Soto), MS Applied Math, U Chile, 2014.
Waldo Galvez, MS Applied Math, U Chile, 2015
Ignacio Morales, Ms Applied Math, U Catolica, 2018 (expected)
Manuel Rogers, Ms Applied Math, U Catolica, 2018 (expected)


Fondecyt Postdoctoral Proyect Nr 3130407, "Uncertainty Models for Network Design and Scheduling Problems", PI, 2013-2014.

Fondecyt Initiation Project Nr 11140579, "Approximation algorithms for load balancing problems via local properties", PI, 2015-2017.

Millennium Nucleus Information and Coordination in Networks, Associate Researcher, 2015-2017.

International Collaboration Project EEUU and Germany, Conicyt, "Fast Approximation Algorithms for Massive Data Sets", Associate Investigator, 2016-2018.

DFG Project, "Robuste Online-Algorithmen für Scheduling- und Packungsprobleme", Mercator Fellow, 2016-2018.