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Pupcenoks, J. 2016. Western Muslims and Conflicts Abroad: Conflict Spillovers to Diasporas, New York: Routledge 
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Journal Articles & Book Chapters

Grillo, M., Pupcenoks, J. 2017. "Let's Intervene! But Only if They're Like Us: The Effects of Group Dynamics and Emotion on the Willingness to Support Humanitarian Intervention," (pdf) International Interactions 43(2): 349-374

Pupcenoks, J., Senzai, F. 2016.“Political Participation of American Muslims in Detroit.” In Minority Voting in the United States, 2nd Volume. Kyle L. Kreider and Thomas J. Baldino, eds.. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger: 179-201 

Pupcenoks, J., McCabe R. 2013. “The Rise of the Fringe: Right Wing Populists, Islamists, and Politics in the United Kingdom,” (pdf). Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs 33(2): 171-184  

Pupcenoks, J. 2012.“Religion or Ethnicity? Middle Eastern Conflicts and American Arab-Muslim Protest Politics,” (pdf) Nationalism and Ethnic Politics 18(2): 170-192 

Pupcenoks, J. 2012. “Democratic Islamization in Pakistan and Turkey: Lessons for the post-Arab Spring Muslim World,” (pdf) Middle East Journal 66(2): 273-289. Translated into Turkish and published in an edited volume as, "Pakistan ve Türkiye’de Demokratik İslamlaşma: Arap Baharı Ertesinde İslam Dünyası İçin Çıkartılacak Dersler,” In Hazırlayan, Yayına; M. Akif Kireçci (ed), Arap Baharı ve Türkiye Modeli Tartışmaları, Ankara, Turkey: ASEM (The Ankara Center for Political and Economic Research), 2014: 67-90.

 Book Reviews

Pupcenoks, J. 2011. Book Review of Amaney Jamal, and Nadine Naber, eds., Race and Arab Americans Before and After 9/11, International Migration Review 45(1): 210-212

Pupcenpks, J. 2010. Book Review of Terri Givens, Gary P. Freeman, and David L. Leal, eds., Immigration Policy and Security, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 36(7): 1194-1195

Select Professional Publications

Pupcenoks, J. 2017. "Strife Abroad, Responses at Home: Muslims in the West and Conflict Spillover." Migration Information Source, May

Pupcenoks, J. 2010. Muslim Migrant Impact on the European Security Agenda: Lessons from Germany, France and the UK, Monograph, Saarbrücken, Germany: VDM Verlag