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I have presented at both regional and national forums (academic conferences, workshops, policy forums), as well as delivered invited talks and guest lectures. 

Conference Paper Presentations & Guest Lectures

"Radical Right and Islamists in Europe: Confrontation, Coexistence and Impact on Mainstream Politics,” (with Ryan McCabe), ISA Annual Convention, San Diego, CA, April 2012

“Middle Eastern Conflicts and American Arab-Muslim Protest Politics,” ISA Annual Convention, San Diego, CA, April 2012

“Democratic Islamization in Pakistan and Turkey: Lessons for the post-Arab Spring Middle East,” (video) the Middle East Dialogue 2012: The Arab Spring and Beyond, (conference program) Washington, DC, February 2012

“Religion or Ethnicity? Middle East Conflicts and American Muslim Protest Politics,” ISA-NE, Providence, RI, November 2011

“The Russian Factor in Transatlantic Relations,” University of Delaware, April 2011

“The Rise of the Fringe: Right Wing Populists, Islamists, and Politics in Western Europe,” (with Ryan McCabe), ISA-NE, Baltimore, MD, November 2010

“Migrant Reactions to Foreign Conflicts: London’s Muslims in the War on Terror,” ISA-NE, Baltimore, MD, October 2009; and revised for presentation at the ISA Annual Convention, New Orleans, LA, February 2010

“Migration of Violence,” ISA Annual Convention, New York City, NY, February 2009

“Assessing the Threat of Islamic Radicalism in the UK,” University of Delaware, October 2009

“Diasporas, Immigrants and Security: A Framework of Conflict Spillover to Host State,” ISA-NE, Baltimore, MD, October 2008

“Unilateralism and Multilateralism in the European Union’s International Trade and Beyond,” ISA-NE, Philadelphia, PA, November 2007; and revised for poster presentation at the ISA Annual Convention, San Francisco, CA, March 2008

“Politics of Latvia,” University of Delaware, May, 2007

“Co-Opting Radicalism: Islam and Democracy,” (with Sara Chehab and Lisa Weilminster), ISA-NE, Boston, MA, November 2006

“Changing Identities of Baltic Russophones,” ISA-MW/ Central Slavic Conference Joint Conference, St. Louis, MO, November 2006

Public Service

Invited Speaker, "Assessing American Muslim Integration," Rotary Club of Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, 2011

Presenter (with Dr. Muqtedar Khan, Alise Coen), Implication of Quran Desecration in War on Terror, Workshop for the US Department of State, Washington, DC, 2006

Select Other Conference Activities

Chair, Advancing Peace and Conflict Studies in Transitioning Democracies, the Middle East Dialogue 2012: The Arab Spring and Beyond, Washington, DC, 2012

Discussant, Religion in International Relations, ISA-NE, Providence, RI, 2011

Chair, Islam in Western Societies, ISA Annual Convention, New Orleans, LA, 2010

Discussant, Power in a Post-9/11 World, Conference on the United States in the Global System, University of Delaware, 2009