Main Interests:   problems around mathematical finance


  1. "Filtering with randomised Markov bridges" (joint work with Andrea Macrina): pdf
  2. "Nearly optimal strategies of risk-sensitive portfolio optimization on infinite horizon" (submitted, under revision)
  3. "Hedging errors of Leland strategies with time-inhomogeneous rebalancing" (joint work with Junpei Yano; submitted, under revision)

Published Papers (Peer-Reviewed):
  1. "Order estimates for the exact Lugannani-Rice expansion" (joint work with Takashi Kato and Kenichi Yoshikawa, Japan Journal on Industrial and Applied Mathematics 33(1), 2016, 25--62)
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Non-referred, Survey, or Unpublished Articles:
  1. "Risk-sensitive asset management with Wishart-autoregressive-type factor model" (joint work with Hiroaki Hata): pdf
  2. "On dynamic portfolio insurance techniques" (in Real Option, Ambiguity, Risk and Insurance, IOS Press, Ebooks Series: Studies in Probability, Optimization, and Statistics, vol. 5, Editors: Alain Bensoussan, Shige Peng, Jaeyoung Sung, 2013, pp. 232--254): pdf
  3. "Bayesian optimal power-utility grows hyperbolically in the long run" (joint work with Hideaki Miyata; RIMS Kôkyûroku 1788, "Mathematical Economics", 2012, pp. 62--82) : pdf
Japanese Articles:
  1. 「伊藤確率解析学と数理ファイナンス」(数学セミナー, 2015-9, pp.36--41)
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  4. 「金融工学(第5章)」(大阪大学出版会, 2003)
Talks (after 2011):
  1. "Prediction with noisy anticipation and its application to asset pricing" (The 4th Asia Quantitative Finance Conference, Osaka Univ. Nakanoshima Center, Feb. 2016)
  2. "Prediction with noisy anticipation and its application to asset pricing" (Sahoro Winter Workshop on Operations Research, Finance and Mathematics, Sahoro, Hokkaido, Feb. 2016)
  3. "Utility maximization with floor constraint: constructing optimal solution" (Seminar at Academia Sinica, Taipei, Aug. 2015)
  4. "Utility maximization with floor constraint: a dual approach" (NUS-UParis Diderot Workshop on Quantitative Finance, NUS, Singapore, Feb. 2015)
  5. "Prediction with noisy anticipation" (大阪大学確率論セミナー, Nov. 2014)
  6. "Prediction with noisy anticipation and its application in finance" (慶應義塾大学理工学部数理科学科談話会, Oct. 2014)
  7. "Utility maximization with floor constraint: a dual approach" (Seminar on Finance, Universita di Pisa, June 2014)
  8. "Utility maximization with floor constraint: a dual approach" (International Conference on Portfolio Selection and Asset Pricing, Kyoto University, Mar. 2014)
  9. "Utility maximization with floor constraint: a dual approach" (Stochastic Processes and Mathematical Finance, Kansai University, Feb. 2014)
  10. "Wishart型行列ファクター過程モデルに関する動的ポートフォリオ最適化" (ワークショップ「正定対称行列をめぐるモデリング・数理・アルゴリズムの世界」, 政策研究大学院大学, 2014年1月)
  11. "Utility maximization with floor constraint" (数理経済学会研究集会「経済の数理解析」, 慶應義塾大学, 2013年12月)
  12. "Utility maximization with floor constraint" (Stochastic Processes and Their Statistics in Finance in Okinawa, Oct. 2013)
  13. "Utility maximization for a derivative security with discrete stopping time horizon" (59th World Statistics Congress, Hong-Kong, Aug. 2013)
  14. "Long-term optimal portfolios with drawdown constraint" (京都大学数理解析研究所談話会, 2013年6月)
  15. "Long-term optimal investment with drawdown constraint" (Seminar, Libera Universita Internazionale Degli Studi Sociali, Roma, May 2013)
  16. "効用最大化に関するサーベイ" (確率論早春セミナー, 関西大学, 2013年3月)
  17. "Sensitivity analysis for utility maximization via an associated FB-system of SDE" (Workshop on Finance, Stochastics and Asymptotic Analysis, CSFI, Osaka Univ, Feb. 2013)
  18. "An approximation for utility maximization via an associated FB-system of SDE" (The First Asian Quantitative Finance Conference, NUS, Singapore, Jan. 2013)
  19. "An approximation for utility maximization via an associated FBSDE" (Analysis and Control of Stochastic Partial Differential Equations, Shanghai, Fudan University, Dec. 2012)
  20. "非線形富過程を用いた価格付けと期待効用最大化に対するFBSDEアプローチについて" (第二回数理ファイナンス合宿型セミナー, 大橋会館, 2012年11月)
  21. "Nearly optimal strategies for risk-sensitive portfolio optimization on infinite horizon" (Conference in Honer of Freddy Delbaen, ETH Zürich, Sep. 2012)
  22. "From quantile hedging to large deviations controls in the long run" (Seminar in Department of Mathematics of NCU, Taiwan, March 2012)
  23. "On hyperbolic growth of long-term Bayesian optimal power-utility" (Workshop on Stochastic Processes and Their Applications, NCTS, Hsinchu, Taiwan, March 2012) : pdf
  24. "Long-term optimal investment with a generalized drawdown constraint" (Winter Workshop on Finance 2012, 北海道大学, 2012年2月)
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  29. "Long-term optimal portfolios with state constraints" (2nd NTH Workshop on Finance and Insurancwe Mathematics, Braunschweig, June-July 2011)
  30. "Long-term optimal portfolios with floor" (4th Financial Risks International Forum, Paris, March 2011)
  31. "Risk-sensitive portfolio optimization with small noise and large risk aversion" (5th Bachelier Colloquium, Metabief, Jan. 2011)

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