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New paper on the ECB's monetary policy reaction function is available here

Bank of Finland's (June 2016) forecast of the Finnish economy and a number of interesting articles on the Finnish economy are available in here 

Short bio: I am Head of Forecasting at the Bank of Finland's  Monetary Policy and Research Department since Jan 2014. I have graduated from the European University Institute in 1999. My research covers topics in optimal monetary policy, fiscal policy, labour market dynamics and macro-financial linkages. I have taught macroeconomics at Finnish Doctoral Program in Economics.  Prior to my current position, I have worked as Research Advisor at the Bank of Finland's Research Unit and as an Economist at the Bank of Finland Forecasting Division.  Before joining the Bank of Finland, I was  Economist at the  Government Institute for Economic Research (VATT).  I have held visiting positions in the Cass Business School in London in  2001, the Bank of Finland in 1999 and 2003 and in the Directorate General  Research at the European Central Bank in autumn 2007 and 2009–2010.  During 2011 I was Senior Economic Advisor at the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF).  
Picture: on the Baltic sea, somewhere  between Helsinki and Travemunde  in July 2009
email addresses: juha.k.kilponen{at}gmail.com; juha.kilponen{at}bof.fi 
twitter: @juhakilponen

Disclaimer: This is my personal homepage. Views expressed are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the  Bank of Finland or the European Central Bank System