The camera makes everyone a tourist in other people's reality, and

eventually in one's own ~ Susan Sontag

I search our old albums for the black and white glossy six by four inch photograph. I flip through decades of random sepia, tonal and colour prints that trigger many layered emotions. Eventually I find the elusive image. Here it is! Almost as I remember, framed in off-white card embossed with deep blue lettering, ‘‘The Cavern’’ Restaurant, 1927~Nogales, Sonora~1983. …

extract from PURE Collection - Judith Bruton

Memoir (from French: mémoire: memoria, meaning, memory, or reminiscence), is a literary genre, forming a sub class of autobiography – although the terms 'memoir' and 'autobiography' are almost interchangeable…the chronological scope of a memoir is determined by the work's context and is therefore more focused and flexible than the traditional arc of birth to old age as found in an autobiography.


Spring’s silver vines connect

my Lady Grey and me —

misty vales, family tales,

silent years and tea

…I wondered if I would ever find the family names I was searching for, as sites are often reclaimed after a period of time. There was a chance any living descendants, distant relatives I had never met, had lost the plot.

'Lady Grey', a short memoir about the mystery of ancestory.

extract from PURE Collection - Judith Bruton