We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospection ~ Anais Nin


I write to enjoy, deconstruct and recreate aspects of my experiences.

The sea is my muse, writing and art my means of expression. I have been fortunate to live most of my life overlooking aspects of the magnificent Australian coastline in South Australia and the Far North Coast, New South Wales where whales, dolphins and sea eagles abound. 

After a career immersed in Fine Art as both artist and university lecturer, my PhD research titled Poetic Visual Interplay (2006) foreshadowed my passion for storytelling. In 2008 I joined the creative Marion Writers Inc and words became my paint to shape stories from the fusion of imagination and memory. Short fiction allows me to dissect my past, deconstruct my recollections and decode the personalities and misadventures of my unsuspecting family, friends, and even my trusty dogs. (My Miniature Schnauzers, ‘Timon’ and ‘Ty Zen’ have provided the inspiration for the characters of a Blue Heeler, a Red Setter, a Tibetan Terrier, and an old bitzer named ‘Jack’, to name a few). 

As a visual artist I paint and photograph ‘poetic-scales’. As a writer I create characters to express something about the crazy, profound process of living within them. My stories are shaded from the deepest blue-blacks to the warmest subtle hues as they highlight the quandaries of many a flawed character in search of love, meaning and authenticity. Most stories have a few twists along the way and a surprise ending. The taste of sea air and the nudge of a faithful dog are never far away. 

Several of my stories and poems are published in anthologies and online: Alfie Dog Fiction, including Came as ‘I’, Left as ‘We’ 2013; Short and Twisted 2013, 2012, 2011; narratorAUSTRALIA Volumes 2 & 3, 2013; ABC Open; Relay, Marion Writers Inc, 2011; Avant New Writing, 2009. Accolades include being The Alfie Dog Feature Writer, November 2013; Editor’s Pick 2013 and 14, narratorAUSTRALIA, and shortlisted for the Alan Marshall Short Story Award 2010.

Alfie Dog Fiction alfiedog.com

 is published in Came as 'I' , Left as 'We', 2013.

‘Came as Me, Left as We’ is a holiday read from Alfie Dog Fiction. The collections bring together some of the best short stories from 37 authors across the globe including Australian author Judith Bruton.

‘Came as Me, Left as We’ contains a mixture of women’s fiction, feel good stories and romance, 

The download priced from just £1.99 and can be bought direct through www.alfiedog.com or through Amazon and other leading online retailers.

7  Short Stories are published online: Soup Du JourGlass to Glass, Found Time, Wake 2, Nice, Fancy, and Invincible.

narratorINTERNATIONAL Vol 3, 2015
Night Muse, 
French Twist  

narratorINTERNATIONAL Vol 2, 2015 
Converse, Absolute, Forever Sublime  

narratorAUSTRALIA Vol 4, 2014
Chancing Paradise, Natural Life, Spice  

narratorAUSTRALIA Vol. 3, 2013
The Art of Nothingness, Naked Options, Five Easel Pieces, Game

narratorAUSTRALIA Vol. 22013
Paradise(poem), Slow Burn (poem) 


Two poems Pure and Traveller's Arc are published in 
Sea Breezes 
Dangerously Poetic Press


The Appointment

Year of the Rabbit


Relay, Marion Writers Inc 2012
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