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This website features the work-related experience and professional occupational background of Juan Carlos Rodríguez Moreno. I mainly set it up to list my publications but my cv/resume is also available to read. You can also stumble around my wiki and how to sections and browse the different topics about robotics and computer vision in which I've tried to become familiar with.

Since year 2009 Juan Carlos has been working in different areas related to robotics, autonomous driving in automotive branch, ADAS functions and A.I.
At this moment he is part of the R&D and Products/Services Testing and design team of a well known Certification company in Stuttgart Area.

Before working in the automotive industry, he has been involved in the same fields of robotics, autonomous driving and artificial vision in academic and national research centers in Germany and Spain.

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XPy8tn1jlfTmbegM8DmrCiB4PbiJQwPt   CV - Juan Carlos Rodriguez Moreno

Juan Carlos Rodríguez Moreno studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and a spezialization in Robotics, Artificial Vision and Autonomous Navigation at University of Malaga (UMA),  University of Granada (UGR) and Munich University of Technology (TUM)
Later he followed spezialisation courses in the Master in Corporate Restructuring at the University of Applied Sciences in Tirol (Austria).