"Smile, Dictator, You’re On Camera,” with Matthew McMahon, Matthew Simpson and Bart Wilson. Accepted at Southern Economic Journal

"Economics of the World Beyond the Classroom: Two Methods for Teaching," with Steven Gjerstad. Forthcoming at Journal of Economics and Finance Education

Information Effects in Multi-Unit Dutch Auctions,” (2016), with Steven Gjerstad and David Porter. Southern Economic Journal 83: 126-145. 

An Experiment on Protecting Intellectual Property,” (2014), with Bart Wilson. Experimental Economics, 17:4, 691-716.

Underwater Recession,”  with Steven Gjerstad and Vernon L. Smith.  The American Interest, May/June 2012. 

Working Papers

"Labor Supply Response to Price Level Shocks: Experimental Evidence," with Daniel Houser

Works in Progress include an institutional analysis of the resource curse and a survey of twitter data in Latin America as it relates to perceived inflation. 

Me with Dr. Vernon Smith at GMU in November 2016

Joy Buchanan,
Jan 29, 2014, 5:12 PM