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Contact: jbuchan4 [at] gmu.edu   

I am an assistant professor in the Brock School of Business at Samford University in Birmingham, AL. My Ph.D. is from George Mason University. My research interests include behavioral, experimental, labor and institutional economics.  I have taught Microeconomics and developed original curriculum for "Gold Diggers: Economic Development in the Wake of the California Gold Rush" At Samford, I primarily teach data analytics.         

The following is an overview of my recent professional activities:

- "What If Wages Fell During a Recession?" at Stony Brook University as part of the Workshop on Experimental Macroeconomics
- "Smile, Dictator, You're on Camera" accepted at Southern Economic Journal, with Matt McMahon, Matt Simpson and Bart Wilson
-Presenter at Vernon Smith's 90 Birthday Celebration

- Presenter at the Southern Economic Association meetings in Washington D.C. 
- Attended Virginia Experimental Social Science Conference at the University of Virginia
- Awarded National Science Foundation dissertation improvement grant 
Taught summer term Principles of Microeconomics
- "Economics of the World beyond the Textbook: Two Methods for Teaching," accepted at Journal of Economics and Finance Education, with Steven Gjerstad
- "Information Effects in Multi-Unit Dutch Auctions," accepted at Southern Economic Journal, with David Porter and Steven Gjerstad
- Presenter at Eastern Economic Association Meeting in Washington D.C.
- "The Global Challenge of Inequality," Foreign Policy and the Scottish Government, D.C.
Presenter at APEE conference, Las Vegas