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My contact email is jbuchan4 [at] gmu.edu                                            

My paper "An Experiment on Protecting Intellectual Property" with Bart Wilson is accepted at Experimental Economics

Nov - presented at Economic Science Association meeting in Tucson, AZ
June - visited Chapman U. to work on research and Instructor for an experimental economics workshop at GMU
May   - "Recession Preceded by Capital Inflows" at ICES, GMU
Underwater Recession,”  with Steven Gjerstad and Vernon L. Smith.  The American Interest, May/June 2012.
Mar. - brown bag presentation "Information Effects in Multi-Unit Dutch  Auctions" at George Mason U.
Jan. - co-taught "Gold Diggers: Economic development in the wake of the California gold rush" at Chapman University
         - Discussant,
Experimental Economics, Accounting and Society: A Conference in Memory of  John Dickhaut, Orange, CA
Nov. - Southern Economic Association meeting
Aug  - starting at George Mason U. and ICES as a Mercatus Graduate Fellow
July  - op-ed online at The Financial Times, with Steve Gjerstad and Vernon Smith
June  - presented "An Experiment on Protecting Intellectual Property" at the Becker Center at U. Chicago