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I am an assistant professor in the Brock School of Business at Samford University in Birmingham, AL. My research interests include behavioral, experimental, labor and institutional economics. At Samford, I teach data analytics and labor economics.


"Willingness to be Paid: Who Trains for Tech Jobs?" (accepted at Labour Economics) (as featured in Politico Morning Tech)

"How dictators use information about recipients," with Laura Razzolini (accepted at The Journal of Behavioral Finance). Blog here

"Other people's money: preferences for equality in groups," (2022) with Gavin Roberts, European Journal of Political Economy, Vol 73. Blog here

"If Wages Fell During a Recession," (2022) with Daniel Houser, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. Working paper here

"My Reference Point, Not Yours," (2020) Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 171: 297-311.

"Implementation of a New Data Analytics Curriculum: A Case Study," (2019), with Jennings B. Marshall, Steven T. Jones, Alan Blankley, Chad Carson, Cynthia Lohrke, Matt Mazzei, and Kevin Pan. Proceedings of the Academy of Economics and Finance, 42: 25-30.

"Smile, Dictator, You’re On Camera,” (2017), with Matthew McMahon, Matthew Simpson and Bart Wilson. Southern Economic Journal, 84:1, 52-65.

"Economics of the World Beyond the Classroom: Two Methods for Teaching," (2017), with Steven Gjerstad, Journal of Economics and Finance Education, 16:1, 1-6.

Information Effects in Multi-Unit Dutch Auctions,” (2016), with Steven Gjerstad and David Porter. Southern Economic Journal 83:1, 126-145.

An Experiment on Protecting Intellectual Property,” (2014), with Bart Wilson. Experimental Economics, 17:4, 691-716.

Underwater Recession,” with Steven Gjerstad and Vernon L. Smith. The American Interest, May/June 2012.

Working Papers

"Finance and Economics Women’s (FEW) Network: Encouraging and Engaging Women in Undergraduate Programs," with Darwyyn Deyo (under review)

"The Slow Adjustment of the American Technology Labor Force," with Henry Kronk