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I am an assistant professor in the Brock School of Business at Samford University in Birmingham, AL. My research interests include behavioral, experimental, labor and institutional economics. At Samford, I teach data analytics and labor economics.


"How dictators use information about recipients," with Laura Razzolini (accepted at The Journal of Behavioral Finance). Blog here

"Other people's money: preferences for equality in groups," (2022) with Gavin Roberts, European Journal of Political Economy, Vol 73. Blog here

"If Wages Fell During a Recession," (2020) with Daniel Houser, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. Working paper here

"My Reference Point, Not Yours," (2020) Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 171: 297-311.

"Implementation of a New Data Analytics Curriculum: A Case Study," (2019), with Jennings B. Marshall, Steven T. Jones, Alan Blankley, Chad Carson, Cynthia Lohrke, Matt Mazzei, and Kevin Pan. Proceedings of the Academy of Economics and Finance, 42: 25-30.

"Smile, Dictator, You’re On Camera,” (2017), with Matthew McMahon, Matthew Simpson and Bart Wilson. Southern Economic Journal, 84:1, 52-65.

"Economics of the World Beyond the Classroom: Two Methods for Teaching," (2017), with Steven Gjerstad, Journal of Economics and Finance Education, 16:1, 1-6.

Information Effects in Multi-Unit Dutch Auctions,” (2016), with Steven Gjerstad and David Porter. Southern Economic Journal 83:1, 126-145.

An Experiment on Protecting Intellectual Property,” (2014), with Bart Wilson. Experimental Economics, 17:4, 691-716.

Underwater Recession,” with Steven Gjerstad and Vernon L. Smith. The American Interest, May/June 2012.

Working Papers

"Finance and Economics Women’s (FEW) Network: Encouraging and Engaging Women in Undergraduate Programs," with Darwyyn Deyo (under review)

"Willingness to be Paid: Who Trains for Tech Jobs?" (as featured in Politico Morning Tech)

"The Slow Adjustment of the American Technology Labor Force," with Noah Leatham and Henry Kronk