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Contact: jbuchan4 [at] gmu.edu   

I am an assistant professor at the Brock School of Business at Samford University in Birmingham, AL. My Ph.D. is from George Mason university where I wrote my dissertation on the microeconomic foundations of wage rigidity. My research interests include behavioral, experimental, and institutional economics.  I have taught Microeconomics and developed original curriculum for "Gold Diggers: Economic Development in the Wake of the California Gold Rush" At Samford, I primarily teach data analytics.         

The following is an overview of my recent professional activities:

- "What If Wages Fell During a Recession?" at Stony Brook University as part of the Workshop on Experimental Macroeconomics
- "Smile, Dictator, You're on Camera" accepted at Southern Economic Journal, with Matt McMahon, Matt Simpson and Bart Wilson
-Presenter at Vernon Smith's 90 Birthday Celebration

- Presenter at the Southern Economic Association meetings in Washington D.C. 
- Attended Virginia Experimental Social Science Conference at the University of Virginia
- Awarded National Science Foundation dissertation improvement grant 
Taught summer term Principles of Microeconomics
- "Economics of the World beyond the Textbook: Two Methods for Teaching," accepted at Journal of Economics and Finance Education, with Steven Gjerstad
- "Information Effects in Multi-Unit Dutch Auctions," accepted at Southern Economic Journal, with David Porter and Steven Gjerstad
- Presenter at Eastern Economic Association Meeting in Washington D.C.
- "The Global Challenge of Inequality," Foreign Policy and the Scottish Government, D.C.
Presenter at APEE conference, Las Vegas
- Presented "Labor Supply Response to Price Level Shocks" and "Who Wins in the Game of Capitalism" at the Southern Economic Association meeting in Atlanta, GA
- Barcelona LEEX Experimental Economics Summer School in  Macroeconomics, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
- Taught "International Economic Policy" at GMU  
- My band "The Confounded Nuisances" won the Best in Show award at the annual ICES Talent Show
- "An Experiment on Protecting Intellectual Property," with Bart Wilson, accepted at Experimental Economics
- Presented at Economic Science Association meeting in Tucson, AZ
-  Underwater Recession,”  with Steven Gjerstad and Vernon L. Smith.  The American Interest, May/June 2012.
- Taught "Gold Diggers: Economic development in the wake of the California gold rush" at Chapman University
- Discussant,
Experimental Economics, Accounting and Society: A Conference in Memory of  John Dickhaut, Orange, CA
- Op-ed online at The Financial Times, with Steven Gjerstad and Vernon Smith
- Presented "An Experiment on Protecting Intellectual Property" at the Becker Center at U. Chicago