Professional ethics projects in which I was or still am involved

Kennis & Keten. Ethische deskundigheidsbevordering in de jeugdketenzorg (ZonMW)
[Development of ethical competence in interprofessional cooperation in youth care]
more information here (homepage JJJK) and here (site ZonMW):

2010 - 2012
Beroepsethiek bij kindermishandeling (ZonMW)
[Professional ethics concerning child abuse]
more information here (site ZonMW)

GoodWork-project Stichting Beroepseer

Actieplan professionalisering jeugdzorg: beroepsethiek en tuchtrecht

2007 -2009
Professional pride project Stichting Beroepseer

2005-2009 The Good Professional (NWO)
more information here (NWO)