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I am assistant professor professional ethics of healthcare at the Scientific Institute for Quality of Healthcare (IQ-healthcare) from Radboud university medical center. 
Furthermore, I am senior lecturer professional ethics at the CHE (Christian University of Applied Sciences). Until March 2013, I was research fellow in professional ethics and moral philosophy at the Ethics Institute of Utrecht University.
Apart from my work in higher education and research, I am also member of the Council for the Administration of Criminal Justice and Protection of Juveniles (RSJ).

I studied both philosophy and theology (MA) and wrote a Ph.D. thesis on meta-ethics (Frankena, theory of justification - relation morality-religion). Since August 2005 I concentrate on professionalism & ethics. Most of the time, professional ethics is linked to a specific profession. Yet, my aim is to develop more general, relevant professional-ethical insights by comparative moral philosophical analysis and research.
My motto is that professional ethics should be both practically relevant and philosophically interesting (which sounds slightly better in Dutch: praktisch relevant - wijsgerig interessant).

My most recent finished project concerned the ethical aspects of collaboration within community care teams (in Dutch: sociale wijkteams). Other earlier research projects focused on the ethics of interprofessional collobaration in youth care and on professional ethics concerning child abuse (see the tab 'professonal ethics' above for more information).

The coming years my focus will be on interprofessional ethics in the healthcare professions. Other themes of interest are the role of critical ethical reflection in the cultivation of professionalism and the relation between professionals ethics and professionals communication.

I am Dutch and live in The Netherlands.

Work: publications and activities

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Most recently:

Work in progress, upcoming activitities and publications in 2016:
  • Collaboration with co-editor Wouter Sanderse on Dutch volume about virtue ethics & professionalism.

Awards, grants etcera.

2010 ZonMW Research grant € 100.000 for professional ethical research after interprofessional cooperation in youth care

2003 Award Legatum Stolpianum, Leiden University (the Netherlands) - 1st price for best Dutch Ph.D. thesis on moral philosophy of philosophy of religion

2002 PhD. cum laude

1995 Award The Radboud Foundation (nowadays Thomas More foundation) - 1st price in National Dutch contest on Best Ma-thesis on religion-morality-meaning of life (17-11-1995)

1995 MA theology (moral philosophy) cum laude

Short CV

born in 1968, married with Anna Walsma, with three children

study philosophy 1989-1995

study theology, MA 1995

Ph.D. 22 february 2002

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