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 Some Recent Articles (and interviews)

1.  The Argument from Justice: How not to reply to Legal Positivism G. Pavlakos (ed.), Law, Rights & Discourse: The Legal Philosophy of Robert Alexy, Hart Publishing (2007) 17-35

Reprinted in Portuguese in Panóptica, ISSN 1980-7775 at http://www.panoptica.org/marjun08pdf/marjun08005.pdf

2. "Human Rights without Foundations" Ragion Practica 29 (2007) 449 (in Italian). A revised version (nearly final version available Here) is included in The Philosphy of International Law (eds. S. Besson & J. Tasioulas) OUP 2010

3. Interview (Hent Kalmo), Akadeemia (Estonian) 2008

4.  Reasons: explanatory and normative  New Essays on the Explanation of Action, ed. C. Sandis, Palgrave/McMillan 2009. (The file available here may not be entirely identical with the published version)

5. Reasons: practical & adaptive, Reasons for action edited by David Sobel & Stephen Wall (CUP 2009) 

6. On the Value of Distributional Equality, Hillel Steiner and the Anatomy of Justice edited by Stephen de Wije, Matthew Kramer & Ian Carter (Routledge 2009)

7. Responsibility and the Negligence Standard, OJLS 30(2010) 1

8. Human Rights in the Emerging World Order, (2010) 1 Transnational Legal Theory 31–47

Earlier version in Global Harmony and Rule of Law (China Legal Publishing House, 2010) in both English and Chinese. Reprinted: Philosophical Foundations of Human Rights Eds. R. Cruft, S. M.
, and M. Renzo (OUP) 2015

9. Respect, Authority & Neutrality - a Reply, (2010) 120 Ethics 279-301

A response to criticism in articles by Wall, Green and Darwall which are published in the same issue of Ethics. The link is to a penultimate draft.

10. Reason, Reasons & Normativity, (2010) Oxford Studies in Metaethics Volume 5, ed. Russ Shafer-Landau

11. On The Guise of the Good, S. Tenenbaum (ed.) Desire, Practical Reason, and the Good, OUP 2010 (The link is to an uncorrected version)

12. Being in the World: The Limits of Responsibility, (2010) 23 Ratio (New Series) 43 

(the link is to a prepublication version).  Also in M. De Gaynesford (ed.) Agents and Their Actions, Willey-Blaclwell 2011.

13. Interview in  Beata Polanowska-Sygulska's book Oxford Philosophers (2011) in Polish. 
A shortened version in Przegland Polityczny (2010)

14. Agency and Luck, U. Heuer & G. Lang (eds.) Luck, Value and Commitment: Themes from the ethics of Bernard Williams (OUP 2012)

15. Death In Our Life, The Annual Lecture in Applied Philosophy 2012, published in The Journal of Applied Philosophy 2013

16. Value: A Budget of Problems in Reason Morality and the Law: The Philosophy of John Finnis, eds. J. Keown & R.P. George (OUP 2013)

17. Normativity and Responsibility - Responses
     Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies (2013) pp. 1-15

18. 3:AM interview with Richard Marshall 1/9 2014; Reprinted in Ethics at 3:AM ed. Richard Marshall OUP 2017

19. Is There a Reason to Keep Promises? Philosophical Foundations of Contract Law, eds. G. Klass, G. Lestas, P. Sarpai (OUP 2014)

20. Normativity: The Place of Reasoning  Philosophical Issues 25 Normativity 2015, ed. Ram Neta

21. Value and the Weight of Practical Reasons, Weighing Reasons, eds. E. Lord and B. Maguire (OUP 2016)

22. A Hedgehog's Unity of Value, The Legacy of Ronald Dworkin, ed. W. Waluchaow & S. Sciaraffa (OUP 2016)

23. The Guise of the Bad,  The Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy, 2016.

24. Comments on The Morality of Freedom, Jerusalem Journal of Legal Studies, 2016.

25. Why the State? In Pursuit of Pluralist Jurisprudence, eds. Nicole Roughan and Andrew Halpin (CUP 2017)

26. Intention and Value, Philosophical Explorations 20 (2017)  Supp. p.109