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THE ROOTS OF NORMATIVITY edited by Ulrike Heuer (Oxford OUP 2022)

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Some Recent Articles (and interviews)

1. Agency and Luck, U. Heuer & G. Lang (eds.) Luck, Value and Commitment: Themes from the ethics of Bernard Williams (OUP 2012)

2. Death In Our Life, The Annual Lecture in Applied Philosophy 2012, published in The Journal of Applied Philosophy 2013

3. Value: A Budget of Problems in Reason Morality and the Law: The Philosophy of John Finnis, eds. J. Keown & R.P. George (OUP 2013)

4. Normativity and Responsibility - Responses, Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies (2013) pp. 1-15

5. 3:AM interview with Richard Marshall 1/9 2014; Reprinted in Ethics at 3:AM ed. Richard Marshall OUP 2017

6. Is There a Reason to Keep Promises? Philosophical Foundations of Contract Law, eds. G. Klass, G. Lestas, P. Sarpai (OUP 2014)

7. Normativity: The Place of Reasoning Philosophical Issues 25 Normativity 2015, ed. Ram Neta

8. Value and the Weight of Practical Reasons, Weighing Reasons, eds. E. Lord and B. Maguire (OUP 2016)

9. A Hedgehog's Unity of Value, The Legacy of Ronald Dworkin, ed. W. Waluchow & S. Sciaraffa (OUP 2016)

10. The Guise of the Bad, The Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy, 2016.

11. Comments on The Morality of Freedom, Jerusalem Journal of Legal Studies, 2016.

12. Why the State? In Pursuit of Pluralist Jurisprudence, eds. Nicole Roughan and Andrew Halpin (CUP 2017)

13. Intention and Value, Philosophical Explorations 20 (2017) Supp. p.109

14. on Waldron's Critique of Raz on human rights, Human Rights: Moral or Political? ed. Adam Etinson (OUP 2018). Spanish translation by Sergio Peña Neira to be published in the Anuario de Filosofía Jurídica y Social

15. The Moral Significance of Sacrifice, (2018) International Journal of Philosophical Studies.

Forthcoming in Sacrifice and Moral Philosophy, ed. A. Archer and M van Ackeren

16. The Future of State Sovereignty, Legitimacy: the state and beyond, eds. W. Sadurski, M. Sevel and K. Walton, OUP 2019

17. The Law's Own Virtue, Oxford Journal of Legal St. 2019.

This is a revised version of my Tang Prize Lecture.

18. On Dancy's account of practical reasoning, Philosophical Explorations 23 (2020) 135