1963: Magister Juris. Summa cum Laude The Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

1967: D.Phil., Oxford University



  1967-72: Law Faculty & Dept. of Philosophy, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
to 1971 as Lecturer; then as Senior Lecturer with tenure).

  1972-85: Fellow and Tutor in Law, Balliol College, Oxford.

    This appointment was coupled with a CUF university lectureship. From 1977     also a member of the faculty of philosophy.

1985-06: Professor of the Philosophy of Law, Oxford University & Fellow of             Balliol College (an ad hominem chair).

2002-  Professor, Law School, Columbia University, NY.

2006-2009  Research Professor, Oxford University.

2011-          Research Professor (part time), King's College London



  1987- Fellow of the British Academy.


1987: The W.J.M. MACKENZIE BOOK PRIZE, of The Political Studies Association of the United Kingdom (for The Morality of Freedom).

1988: The Elaine and David SPITZ BOOK PRIZE of The Conference for the Study of Political Thought (for The Morality of Freedom).

  1992- Foreign Honorary Member, The American Academy of Arts & Sciences.

  1993: Honorary Doctor, Katholieke Universiteit, Brussel, Belgium

2005: International Prize for Legal Research ‘Hector Fix-Zamudio’, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.

2009: Honorary Doctor of Laws, King's College London

2014: Honorary Doctor, The Hebrew University Jerusalem

2018: Tang Prize in Rule of Law  


Ida Beame Lecture, University of Iowa Law School, 1988

Kobe Lectures, Tokyo & Kyoto, 1994

Jerome Hall Lecture, University of Indiana Law School, 1994

Miller Lecture, University of Glasgow School of Law, 1994

James Moffett Lecture, Princeton University, 1996

Olin Distinguished Lecture, Notre Dame University, Indiana, 1999

Annual McGill Lecture in Jurisprudence & Public Policy, McGill University, 1999 

Seeley Lecture, Cambridge University 2000 

Nelson Philosopher in Residence, University of Michigan, 2001

Tanner Lectures, Berkeley 2001

Knox Lecture, University of St. Andrews, 2001

Petracyczki Lecture, University of Warsaw 2002 

 Storrs Lectures, Yale University 2003

 Stice Lecture, U. of Washington, 2003

 Keynote address, Political Phil conference, Tsingua University, Beijing, 2003

 Dewey Lecture, U. of Minnesota, 2005

  Minerva Lecture on Human Rights, Tel Aviv University 2006

  Keynote address, BSET conference, Southampton 2006

  Keynote address: Annual Conference in Meta-Ethics, Madison Wisconsin, 2008

 Inaugural Annual Lecture of the Irish Jurisprudence Society, Dublin 2009

 Hart Memorial Lecture, Oxford, 2009

 Keynote address: International Conference: The rule of law, Beijing 2009 (organised by the Institute of Philosophy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences & the Philosophy Summer School in China).

  Lead Keynote address: 24th IVR International Congress, Beijing, 2009

 1st Law & Cosmopolitan Values lecture,  Antwerp 2011

 Kellogg Lecture in Jurisprudence, Library of Congress, Washington  2011

 LEAP Lecture, University of Girona, 2012 

 Annual Lecture, Society for Applied Philosophy, Oxford 2012

 Quain Lectures, UCL, London April 2013

 Keynote Lecture, NUSTP conference at Northwestern 2015.

Mala Kamm Lecture, given at NYU philosophy dept. October 2015.

Julius Stone Address, University of Sydney, October 2016

Keynote Lecture: 25th annual meeting, European Society for Philosophy and Psychology, August 2017, University of Hertfordshire

Münster Lecture in Philosophy, December 2017

Howison Lecture, Berkeley October 2018



  1970-1972: Research Fellow, Nuffield College, Oxford.

Fall 1974: Visiting Professor, Dept. of Philosophy, The Rockefeller University, New York.

August 1977: Visiting Professor, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia.

Spring 1984: Visiting Professor, Jurisprudence and Social Policy Program, University of California at Berkeley.

September 1987: Visiting Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto,

Fall 1988: Visiting Professor, jointly at Yale Law School and at the Dept.of Political Science at Yale University.

Spring 1989: Visiting Professor, Law Center, University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

Spring Quarter 1989, Fellow (for part of the period in residence), Humanities Research Institute, University of California at Irvine.

Fall 1991: Visiting Professor, School of Law, Columbia University, N.Y.

March 1993: Visiting Mellon Fellow, Dept. of Philosophy, Princeton University.

Fall 1993: Visiting Professor, School of Law, Columbia University, N.Y.

Oct. 1994: Nelson Visiting Professor, Michigan Law School, Ann Arbor.

1995-2002: Visiting Professor, Law School, Columbia University

2007: British-Hispanic Professor, Complutensa University, Madrid

2009, March: Three weeks at USC, law school.

2009-2011   Visiting Professor, King's College London, School of Law.

 A number of short academic visits to  Abu Dhabi, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, The Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan and the USA.



1982-2017: Member, editorial board, Law and Philosophy.

1984-92: Editor (with A.M. Honoré) of Clarendon Law Series, OUP.

1985-99: Member, editorial board, Current Legal Theory

1988- Member, editorial board, Ratio Juris

1989- Member, editorial board, book series La Pensee Juridique eds by M.
  Troper & J. Lenoble; published by LGDJ (Paris) and Story-Scientia (

1989-94: Member, Academic Council, Centre for Institutional Studies, Buenos
, Argentina.

1990- Member, editorial board, The Philosophy of History and Culture, a
  book series ed. M. Krausz, publisher E.J. Brill.

1990- Member, editorial board, the American Journal of Jurisprudence.

1993- Member, editorial board, Ethics.

1994- Member, editorial board, Isonomia, Mexico City.

1994- Member, editorial board, Legal Theory

1997-2005: Member, editorial board, book series Cambridge Studies in
  Philosophy and Law

1997-2006: Member, editorial board, Res Publica

  1999–2001: Member, advisory committee the Freedom Project (Templeton

  1999-2007: (together with Liam Murphy): Subject editor: Philosophy of Law,
    Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy  

  2000- Member, editorial board, Philosophy & Public Affairs

  2000 – Member, International Panel, Jus et Lex, Warsaw

  2001-2008:  Member, advisory board, International Journal of
    Constitutional Law

  2004 – Member, editorial board, The Journal of Moral Philosophy

  2004 – Member, editorial board, Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy.

  2005 – Member, editorial board, Linguistic & Philosophical Investigations
(English & Rumanian)

2006 – Member, advisory board, the complete edition of Kelsen’s works.

2006 - Member, Editorial Board, Problema: Annuario de Filosofia y Teoria del Derecho

2010 - Member, advisory board, Law & Practical Reason, book series, Hart

2010 - Member, honorary editorial board, Russian Yearbook of Legal

2012 - Member, editorial board of Law, Ethics and Philosophy

2012 - Member, advisory ctee, Peking University Law  Journal (English ed.)

2013 - Member, international board, Fudan Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences at Fudan University (FJHSS)

2015 - Member of international board, Journal of Institutional Studies (